Going to the movies

Did you know I hate going to the movies? Well I do!

I have had multiple bad experiences when going to the movies and do not really go any more. It must be a movie I really wanna see because it doesn’t happen often.

The seats are uncomfortable, it is expensive, teenagers texting (I know I sound like an old lady), having to move over to fit more people in, people climbing over top of you, too many commercials, a ton of previews,and you can’t stop the movie to pee. So why not watch a movie from the comfort of home? I like my couch, my TV is not too shabby and I can stop/start the movie anytime I want too.

I will be the first to admit I do LOVE movie popcorn and sometimes that does entice me to go but I usually don’t. Hmmm would it be weird if I just went and got popcorn and then came home to watch a movie?

I do like the drive-in though. You can sit in a car, in the back of a truck, lay on a blanket, or in a folding chair. You can move freely and bring your own snacks: beer including 🙂


 So Pike and I went to see Harry Potter last night. It was neat to see a movie in 3D but no harry potter glasses 😦 The movie was Ok, I was not that impressed but I am now eating my left-over popcorn 🙂

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