Date with my hubby

I Love summer and everything about it. Not sure why but we have not play putt-putt at all this year. This is odd for us. I told Eric it was date night when he got home from work.

We got in the car and headed for South Corning to play putt-putt. The course it sweet and it is never busy. We made a bet: Winner gets to pick where to eat and loser pays. This is a weird bet because we both hate picking places and would rather pay. I know weird!

 We started out and Eric was missing easy shots but of course he stepped up his game and I lost mine.   we were the only people playing till about the last 3 holes. Seriously love this place!  Our favorite hole, you wanna go in the water.  Eric figuring out how far behind I am as I fool around  Hole #18  no chance at winning at this point.  ha ha I am a pro putt putter with my 62!

I lost big time so I bought a bucket of balls. I had not been golfing all year. I am going to blame it on Eric, he commandeered my golf clubs

We left and Eric took me to the Village Inn, which I had never been to, but I will go back. Nice big bar. Eric and I were samesiders, sorry no picture 😦 He watched the Jets game and I watched the yankee game.  They also had quick draw.  I was watching the Yankee game and some old lady that was at the bar told us that if the Yankees get a homerun the bar gets 1/2 price drinks. Well Swisher stepped up and hit a homer, Yeah buddy! Then I saw 2 signs: Yankees his homerun 1/2 price drinks for 5 minutes. Boston hits a homerun double priced drinks for 5 minutes. I really like this place!

We ended up stay for a few 😉

Stopped at some guy that Eric works with to check out his house. At this point I am hungry and Eric is tired.  Eric wanted to go to Bernies but I really didnt want too. Stopped at R3, no food too late. Bernies looked closed so we went to Manzarri’s.



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4 responses to “Date with my hubby

  1. Samesiders?? I didn’t know there was a name for those people, it’s a good name for them.

  2. How could you not know about samesiders?
    They crack me up!

  3. Girl!! I didn’t know you blogged too! Hope things are going great! I’ll have to follow ya 🙂

    • Wow, you got alot going on. So proud of you for going for your Master’s, I keep putting it off 😦
      So Jules is home for a few months, maybe we could plan a road trip and come up and hang out!

      Can’t wait to hear more about your running, I need all the inspiration I can get. Yikes marathon in 17 days!

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