Fat kid club

Everyone at work is feeling blah lately. Not sure if it’s the change in the weather, working night shift, lack of pts, or all of the above.

A few of us have decided to do a weight loss/exercise challenge.  I set up a fatsecret challenge which will start Oct 1st and run to the end of the year.

This challenge involves a few steps:

  1. Eating healthier
  2. Drink alot more water
  3. Exercise atleast 3 times a week for 30 minutes
  4. Do something nice for yourself

I think the eating healthier will be a little difficult because Nicole makes the best cakes EVER!  We need to get her to bake healthy.

So if you see us night shifter makes sure you ask how our fat girl club is going!


If you don’t know about it already fatsecret.com is a free site that allows you to track your food and exercise. You can join challenges, it is a great tool for healthier living.






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