eye test?

On the news tonight it reported that the NYS DMV will no longer do eye exams. All you have to do is check a box stating if you have a visual impairment or not.

Hmmmm, this seems like crazy talk. I know many people who drive now without their glasses just because they do not like to wear them. HELLO people the rest of us want to be safe you are operating a motor vehicle! I also see many elderly people who are in denial about the failing eyesight. It only takes a few minutes to read the eye chart or stop and have you optometrist fill out your registration paper work. It does not seem like a safe idea.

When my brother turned 16 he went for his driver’s license and ended up failing the eye exam. My parents had no idea he could not see, he never complained?!?!

With increasing health insurance and many policies not covering eye exams it is a cheap and easy way to check if your vision is declining.

So anyone have an opinion on this new change at the DMV?


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