Money vs environment

It is the purpose of the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association to promote the understanding, preservation and improvement of the water quality, natural habitat and general environmental conditions of Seneca Lake and its watershed by sponsoring or undertaking scientific research, by collecting, preserving, publishing and disseminating information concerning Seneca lake and its watershed and by encouraging and supporting the enforcement of laws and regulations and patterns of development and technology aimed at preserving and enhancing the water quality of the lake.

It was proposed in Jan 2010 that Inergy L.P. would purchase a salt cavern on Seneca Lake and 2 pipelines for 65 million dollars. They want to remove the salt brine and store liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Will the state give in and sell the salt caverns?

Many are worried that storing LPG could cause numerous environmental risks to Seneca Lake and surrounding areas.  Does money over rule environment? Should there be a cost on nature?

Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what is going on in the local community. We need to stand up to big corporations and save our environment for us to enjoy.

Any thoughts or concerns?

 Could you imagine a world without the Seneca Lake cardboard boat regatta?

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