wild & wacky wednesdays

Life has been blah lately, must be the weather. I am going to try spice things up on here. I will be posting every Wednesday 3 things that could be considered wild & wacky, or I guess just plain odd. (thanks Mary for the idea, I love your Tuesday posts)

1. I peanutbutter! I know this is really wild. Let me explain. I really do love peanutbutter and I will pretty much eat it on ANYTHING! No joke. It has to be JIF creamy, no other will do. As a kid it was always on the dinner table at my dad’s house. My dad, brother, & I just love that stuff and it alot. I eat peanutbutter with or on nromal things but here is some things that I eat peanutbutter on that make this post about myself  wild & wacky.

  • Scrambled eggs, yup you read that correctly. I love making an english muffin toasted with peanutbutter, egg beaters scrambled and a little cheese all together in a wonderfully delicous sandwhich. It is an awesome pre run meal- tastes fab, carbs and protein.   It’s usually not green, it was St. Patty’s day when I took this!
  • Fruit with Peanutbutter: apples, grapes, and bananas.
  • Peanutbutter and bologna sandwich
  • Peanutbutter and spaghetti sandwich

2. Bowtie Bear. I know I have mentioned him before but  it is weird that I am 31 years old and sleep with that bear. When I wake up and he is not there he must be found before I can go back to sleep. He has seen the world with me and I really can not sleep without him. I have had him as long as I can remember. My aunt, cook, bought him at P & C foods.  Eric and I race to grab him up when we watch TV. I love to smell him too!

3. No showers on Thusrdays! Ha ha this is gross but I am being honest. If I work Wednesday night I do not shower before I go into Bernies to work on Thursday night. Hey I am going to smell all greasy anyways.


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