Shop local

My mom and I went to Cappy’s the other day. She bought me a really cute purse- Grass of Cambodia.

Anyways Cappy’s is part of Shop Elmira! It is a local group of merchants banding together to promote each other and to get people to shop local. They support the 3/50 project. The basis of this is:

What 3 independenlty owned buisness would you miss if they were no longer in buisness?

Spedning only $50 a month in a locally owned independent buisness would create a great impact on the local economy.

Did you know for every $100 spent in a locally owned indepent buisness $68 returns back to the community though taxes, payroll, and expendetures. If you spent the same $100 in a national chain only $43 stays local. Spending online and nothing comes back to the community!

Pick 3, spend $50, and save the local economy.

Elmira actaully has a lot of great locally owned buisness with great food, great products, and great owners that give back to the community.  Make sure to stop it and check out these local treasures.

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  1. Mary

    I love cappy’s! We used to walk there all the time when We were living on campus 🙂

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