Slap bet

If you see Weez or I with a handdprint on our face come October this is why:

The night before summer Olympics, I couldn’t sleep (I know big surprise) Weez and I went to Wal-Mart to buy Olympic supplies. When we got back to my house we stayed awake and used all of Eric’s Xbox points and watch How I met your mother. I had never seen this show before, but I was hooked! Well in one of the episodes I learned about Slap bet. Let’s jump ahead to later that night after Olympics drinking around the fire. Weez and I decided to make a slap bet challenge. We decided on the World Series. I am a casual baseball watcher but LOVE the world series! We both picked a team and who ever’s team did better got to slap the other person full on slap in the face. We made eric slapbet commissioner.

Weez picked Philly and I went with Tampa Bay, which is funny because we are both Yankee fans.

GO RAYS! Can I just say 9-0 first playoff game.WHAT WHAT!


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