26.2 Miles here I come!

I decided that this would be the year I would run a full marathon. Yes that is 26.2 miles!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marathon for a quick review of what a marathon is.

I decided on the Wineglass marathon. http://www.wineglassmarathon.com/ This seemed appealing because it is close, beginning of October, and was rated one of fastest marathons by runners world magazine. The course seems to be some what flat which is a REAL big turn on for me. Amanda is running it with me, well hopefully ahead of me. She is much faster! For some reason I talked Nicole into running also. Let me just say she is crazy and I ♥ her for that. She just decided to sign up at work 5 minutes after I mentioned it. She is going to be my motivation and I can’t wait to run together. Jeni Lampman decided to run too, yeah it’s going to be a fun one.

So I will be trying to keep an up to date blog about my journey into running a full marathon. I am accepting any words of wisdom, motivational statements, and criticism.

Amanda sent me a training schedule, which is a 16 weeks program  which starts this week, June 12th.

Day 1 (June 13th)  I got out my running calender and filled in the distances I need to do each week till October 2nd. Yikes, I got alot of miles ahead of me. I threw on some running clothes, my hat (in case it rains), ipod with nike+ sensor ( I love that thing), and of course some cough drops. I ALWAYS run with cough drops! and headed out the door. I am usually boring and only run 2 different ways. Today I decided to start with going left from my house. This run takes me up a hill first thing. I decided on this to see how much better I get at it the more I do it.  doesn’t look like much but it is to me!  I made it to Stacia and had to walk a minute afterwards and then continued on my journey. I decided on a 4 mile run today and completed it in 46:55. The run felt good the entire way, I was just trying to think of weird random things  and this allowed me to keep moving. I felt really good the entire time!

Look what showed up today in the mail, I hope it’s a good sign  www.orangelaces.com I bought these months ago when I tried to registered for the ING NYC marathon. This is program to fight childhood obesity by getting gets out and moving!

Day 2 (June 14th) Nicole and I decided we would run together after work. We went to Eldridge Park and ran 3 miles. Took us about 38 minutes. It was cold, rainy, and windy at first  then started to feel better after a mile or so at least temperature wise. I burped bananas the first 1/2 mile.  The entire time EVERYTHING hurt: my shoulders, my calves, feet, and mental state. Today was not my day to run but we did finish and now I do feel better about life. slightly wet and exhausted. Got home and marked my calendar  This feels AMAZING, checking off my runs, love seeing the highlighted spots!

Day 3 : REST, yeah buddy! I am working on getting Sue into doing the half (I think it might be working)

Day 4: So I left work and made some toast with PB and had a bunch of water and waiting for that to settle while playing on facebook. Sue posted “if you believe you can achieve” This really struck home with me. I use to use this when I was a swimmer for my races. How quickly we forget about things that mean so much. So to Sue I hope you do not mind but I will be using this ALOT and hoping to make us all shirts with this saying on it for race day.  Woke up early afternoon and lounged around being lazy contemplating if I was going to run today or not. I made a snack PB & Banana  carbs, protein, and k+ what a quick and tasty snack. Finally talked myself into going for the 3 mile run. Got ready and headed out the door in the rain, I felt spunky and ran my “normal” 3 mile run in the opposite direction. (I am usually a creature of habit when it comes to somethings like Target and running) The rain felt good and I actually enjoyed every minute of the run. So I got home in about 32:40 and went 2.82 miles, with a hill. Not too shabby!  Like my sweet shirt, well it was Ryan’s and I cut the selves off.  My feet were burning up and the cold wet grass felt great!

Day 5: Had plans all week to get up early and run with Nicole. Did not wanna get up but did and got moving. Looking on facebook before I left and saw that Sue  will be doing the half marathon, SUPER excited!  We met at the Ortho office on Church and Hoffman. We ran to the point of West Elmira back down to Davis Street and back to our cars = 5 miles. 59:40, yeah under an hour! I enjoyed the run with some shade and sun and a change of scenery. Poor Nicole was a little frustrated but she made it.  Everyone has good days and bad. Week 1 of training complete, 15 miles this week! Only 15 more weeks to go. I saw this today: “Every day is a good day when you run”- Kevin Nelson, the Runner’s book of daily inspiration.

Day 6&7 : REST DAYS!

Day 8 : Got home from work and was EXHAUSTED and I jacked my toe up . Went for a 3 mile run late afternoon, big mistake, super hot and humid. I was smart enough to wear a tank top. My ghetto version  a XL budlight shirt with the sleeves cut off. I ran left on Broadway to Mt. Zoar and had a small hill and back down a hill, 34:00. My legs were killing me and it was so hot! I decided to go to Dick’s and buy myself something for doing so well the first week of training  Livestrong Hope sleeveless shirt and a water bottle.

Day 9: Bad night at work, very busy, feeling tired when I got home. Thank god for Nicole cause not sure if I would of went without her. I bought us the same water bottle. We looked sweet running with them this morning. Thanks to Nicole for reminding me “Chin up!”

Day 10 & 11: REST!

Day 12: 4 mile run in the back woods of Tennessee. Well I could not find my contacts so I had to run in my glasses. This should of been the first indication that it would not go well.  Plain and simple, running in glasses, SUCKS! So I headed out with water bottle in 1 hand and cell phone in the other (my mom would be so proud, she gets nervous when I run alone) headed down the road from Uncle Bill’s house. Did I mention he lives out in the country. Things were good the first mile, then all went well UP hill, I hate hills! It was so hilly and no shade and it got hotter and hotter. My dad and uncle Bill passed me in the truck at about the mile mark, they went into town. I kept going. The cows started mooing at about this point too  which was kind of fun. Well started to walk to catch my breath and continued to walk. At about mile 3 I had another visitor  a dog running up the road with me. I continued to walk/run for the rest of the way. I did a total of 4 miles in 56 minutes, ha ha horrible but I was moving! I got back to the house and when my dad got back they asked if I saw the snake. I guess after they passed me about .25 miles down the road was a huge snake crossing the road. OMG, I guess that would of put a spring in my step. I HATE snakes!!!

Day 13: REST!

Day 14: Decided to skip my run and do a 1.5 mile Hike, hey again it’s better than nothing!  Week 2 total = 14.5 miles!

Day 15: Rest day again, I know but I am sick 😦 I got home and had a present from Amanda  Road ID with emergency contact info, what a great idea for my long runs. Thanks buddy!

Day 16: Skipping my 3 miles today. FEELING SHITTY!  Yup this is what my day consisted of : Vit C tabs, Zpack, and Cyrstal light

Day 17: “My philosophy on running is, I don’t dwell in it, I do it”  Found this this morning. Headed out on a 3 mile run feeling kind of crappy. My throat hurt so bad but I pushed through it thanks to my handy dandy cough drops. Made it 3 miles in 34:43

Day 18: Rest day again! I am going to read the Runner’s magazine that just came in the mail

Day 19: Woke up with a sinus infection  almost canceled on Nicole but made myself go. We met in Lowman so I could get my Jeep inspected. We ran 7 miles and there was very little shade. I decided that Nicole and I  were good running partners, she gets me out the door and I keep her moving. Poor Nicole has a stomach bug and threw up 2 times on our run 😦 but she finished! It took us 1:26:30. Week 2 done total miles = 10. Eric wouldn’t let me run the rest! I did buy a new tank top for doing my long run for the week 🙂

Day 20- 24: More rest days!

Day 25: Got up early and Nicole came over after work. We ran old Penn Ave. I was wheezy and SOB the first 2 miles, wanted to turn around and come home but kept going thanks to Nicole. We finished our 8 mile run. Nicole Rocked! Went shopping again and bought a new sports bra and compression capris for finishing my long run.

Day 26: Yup another rest day, horrible headache. I am falling a part. Did get enough Vit C, I love OJ and Oranges!

Day 27: Up early and met Nicole in West Elmira. Coughed and vomited in my mouth within 2 blocks of our start. Then for some reason I hooked my key to my shoelace and it drove me crazy, had to stop and fix it. Coughed some more but kept saying to myself “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” thank you Sue (saw that on your FB this morning, it helped) Nicole was a champ again and dealt with my complaining. We finished our 5 miles in about 1:02 with a little walking involved. Got home and marked my calendar, it feels to good to mark those days off 🙂 I am freakishly amazing! 

Day 28: got home from work and did not have it in me to get my miles done. Woke  up early and made myself do 3 miles, my “hill” route. I told myself  “What’s 35 minutes out of your life, you would be just sitting on the couch watching TV anyways, might as well get it done”  It was hard the whole time, I had to play that mind game with myself: run to the next street then you can walk, well you made it just fine try the next street….. I made it the 3 miles. On Stacia Dr I was coming to the end of the road and all of a sudden a fox ran across the road. I was a little nervous because I thought something might have been chasing it. It was actually kind of neat to see, so I decided it was worth the 3 miles I put in.  how awesome am I laying on my living room floor under the fan?

Day 29: Worked another 12 hour shift, got home in the morning and it was actually cool so I decided I better get my butt moving. Decided on my 3 mile flat route. A block away I started cough and kept coughing, enough to make me stop. Continued to cough until I peed my pants, well a little. What to do what to do? So close to home and easy to turn around and call it a day. I talked myself into trying to atleast do a mile. Well I kept going and turned around at 1.5 miles. Totally having horrible luck today, yup now I gots to poop! Are you kidding me? I decided I would stop at Peggy’s if I still had to go on my way back. Hell I was only 1.5 miles away from home, just pick up the pace and get home. So that’s what I did, yes just made it in the knick of time!

Total for week 4: 19 miles, YEAH BUDDY! I found this article and good time with this heat/humidty: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-267–12772-1-1-2,00.html offers some good tips that I will be using the next 2 months.

Day 30: REST!

Day 31: Worked my fourth night, luckily just 8 hours. Got home and talking myself into getting it over before it gets hotter. Started out and went for my hill route, there is some shade. Well made it just over a mile and decided to walk. It was EFFIN HOT! I continued to walk and finish my 3 miles. At least I kept my legs moving and got my miles in. My ipod battery is dying I believe my miles were off. I guess my present to myself for a month of training will be a new ipod battery. I really need new shoes too!

Day 32: Up earlyto medicate and tape my already sore body.   I decided to tape my left foot and calf, thinking I am getting plantar fasciitis.  Met Nicole at 0730 at St. Joe’s. She planned out a run for us from St. Joe’s up Madison to Lake and continue to the highway and back down Grand Central. We started out and ran through the ghetto and traffic was a little busy on Lake St. We decided to cut over on a few side streets in the Heights and ran up Grand Central till we got to the church just past the fairgrounds. We stopped stretched and ate a small snack. We turned around and ran till we go to Byrne Dairy to get some cold water. We trucked along, walking a little. My things were eating my shorts and after 7 miles things were chaffing. We finished in about 2 hours and 6 minutes.  

I guess I better try the stretches because I can’t cut down on my miles during training.

 Illustration showing four foot stretches to prevent heel pain

Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds — don’t bounce — and do one or two repetitions two to three times a day. Left: Stand as shown, with your back leg straight and heel down. Move your hips forward until you feel a stretch in your calf. Switch legs and repeat. Top right: While sitting, grasp your toes and gently pull them toward you until you feel a stretch in the arch of your foot. Stretch one foot at a time. Bottom right: To strengthen arch muscles, place a towel on the floor, grab the towel with your toes and pull it toward you. Repeat with your other foot.

I also found: Plantar fasciitis can be a nagging problem, which gets worse and more difficult to treat the longer it’s present. At the first sign of soreness, massage (roll a golf ball under your foot) and apply ice (roll a frozen bottle of water under your foot). What you wear on your feet when you’re not running makes a difference. Arch support is key, and walking around barefoot or in flimsy shoes can delay recovery. Oh man, I love my flip-flops!

Day 33: REST!!!    “Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Liane Cardes:

Day 34: Gimping around the house, my left foot is a wreck. I send nicole a message and cancel and feel terrible for flaking. She got me new sneakers and brought them over and I decided to suck it up and try to get my miles in. I wrapped my foot  and put on my new shoes  and we started on our 5 mile run. The first mile was hard breathing wise and about 1.5 into it my foot/calf was killing me. Nicole walked a mile with me and I sucked it up and ran most of the way back. Glad I sucked it up and went and got my 5 miles out of the way for the week. It was a good morning to run not too hot. I found this quote this morning: “Run into peace” – Meister Eckhart (14th century philosopher)

Day 35: Saturday morning after work planned on running but took the stairs at work (as always) and wanted to cry a flight down. OMG, what horrible pain. decided to take a rest day and Sunday too. I taped my ankle up and rested.

Week 5 total: 19 miles . A little dissapointed b/c it was suppost to be 21. Letting go and moving on!

Day 37: Monday morning met Nicole for our 5 mile run in West Elmira, we walked some, my left foot and calf were a little sore. Got home and made a podiarty appt.

Day 38: REST

Day 39: Worked 12 hours and Nicole met me at my house for our 11 mile run. We left the house about 7:50 and it was already getting warm. I decided we would run up Bennet Hill first thing, BIG MISTAKE. We made it 1.85 miles (which is near Walnut St bridge) and had to walk, our lungs were killing us. We walked over the bridge which was a relief since it is a slight incline at first. Oh did I mention Nicole HATES bridges (sorry buddy to give away your secret) we continued to walk and decided we would run 2 miles and walk a mile. So we started back running and made it maybe a mile. Continued to walk and hit up the dollar general at West Elmira point for a drink, they did not have bottle water. WTF? We got fruit punch gatorade, since Nicole already had some in her bottle. We decided to make a goal: run to the church on the left of us  and then make another goal. Well we did not make it that far before we started walking again. Finally to Hoffman St and decided we would run to Main st and then asses our abilitlies. We had to stop at Walnut for traffic and Nicole got a phone call (some higher power must of been watching over us) we had to head back so went back over Walnut St bridge and yup walked it again. Started to run and did not make it very far. Walked and walked and took another way home, down Broadway. About 0.5 miles Nicole was beyond DONE! I kept trying to be positive but the sun was bothering me too. We stopped a few times as she was seeing black fuzzies. I offered to carry her but she denied but I would of done that for her. We made it to my St and at in the shade by the Beverage store. We finished up and poor nicole threw up red gatorade what seemed like FOREVER. I felt so helpless and whished it was me. As it was my stupid ass to do this damn marathon.  I got her a cold towel and water, she sat for a bit before going home. I am sure that is the worse feeling: heat stroke! So today we were defeated but I am going to take this as a life lesson: Sometime you need to listen to yourself and make adjustments. This heat has been intolerable and going for multiple days or I guess weeks. We have to be alive in order to run, well duh!

Day 40: Got up SUPER early and went for a 6 mile run, felt awesome after yesterday. Started to get hot on my way home but I finished. I found this quote this morning in Runner’s world daily kick in the butt: Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and  intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time. Michael Sargent

Day 41&42: REST days! I found an article about beer and running. http://www.active.com/running/Articles/Can-Beer-Improve-Your-Run-Time.htm?cmp=291&memberid=97574559&lyrisid=22643788

Day 43: for some reason I wait till 10:45 to go out and run, not a good idea. headed out and it was hot and humid. Walked just a little but kept going. Prayed for rain and only got like 2 sprinkles. I finished so all is good!  Week 6 total: 24 miles

Day 44: Worked then stayed awake for a podiatry appointment. Well they rescheduled and I was pissed and slept horrible. So my week 7 started off bad. My foot was feeling better but I thought I better have it checked out anyways.

Day 45: I found an article to help with my running while on vacation:

Day 46-50: Week 7 was a BUST! no miles. We did walk alot if that counts any?

Day 51-57: Week 8: was also a BUST! More walking and 700+ stairs at the Effel tower, does that count?

Day 57& 58: I guess I will consider these rest days 🙂

Day 59: A 4 mile run on Old Penn Ave. I waited and went at 1700, it was still 81 degrees out, there is no shade but I made it, had some motivation in mind that kept my feet moving. I like negativity sometimes, keeps me grounded and motivated!

Day 60: Nicole met me after work and we headed out at 0745 down Old Penn Ave. We made it about 1.5 miles and walked about a mile, then ran about a mile, and I believe we walked the rest for a total of 7 miles. Not sure what was going on but I figured as long as I was moving all was good. I did just take 2 weeks off!

Day 61: REST 🙂     “To be prepared is half the victory.”- Miguel de Cervantes

Day 62: Slept in and went at 1100 for my 4 miles, it was HUMID! I ran 3 and walked that last mile. Feeling a little defeated and anxious about my long run on Sunday.

Day 63: Up early to eat and get ready. I went to mapmyruns.com and found a ruote of 16 miles and decided to figure out 14 miles. Very nervous about having to run 16 miles. The most I had run THIS  training was the 9.5 on the day Nicole got heat stroke, which we walked alot. The most I ever ran in life was 13.1 miles at one time. Oh and I had taken 2 weeks off. Nicole  met  me at my house around 0800, we started to leave and had to come back d/t pooping issues. Made it out the door again and Nicole forgot her water so we went back. Finally started around 0830. Nicole and I talked about it and decided to go with 14 miles this week since next week we have to do 16 miles again. We started out down Broadway towards West Elmira, walked over the bridge- that’s what we do?!?! Started to run again and Nicole started walking and I kept going. I learned that if I set small goals and play mind games I can actually keep going. I am SLOW but I can go a long time. Around mile 3 the stupid fire sirens went off, they were so loud and of course I was in front of the fire station. This actually put a spring in my step. Made it to the “point”, which is about 4 miles from my house. I was kind of excited because I have never ran on 352 before so it was new scenery. I was running and doing well until I could see my half way point, which was the drive-in. I was getting low on energy and made myself keep going till I got to Manor Dr. Then I walked and ate 3/4 of my cliff bar and finished most of my water. I met up with Nicole and we started to run again, I told her I was stopping at the Wilson Farms for more water. I met her outside and we refilled our water bottles. Walked back to the “point” and started our run again with 4 miles to go. I ran till I hit Walnut street bridge and walked over it, I know weird but thats what we do. I ate the rest of my cliff bar and began to run again and ran all the way home. It felt so good to be able to finish 14 miles when I had such high anxiety about it. I ended up with a blister on the tip of 1 of my toes other than that all is good. I stretched alot that night and did gimp around for a bit.

Week 9 total: 29 miles!!!

Day 64: Rest day! “Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days dont have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.”

Day 65: Worked my first 12 hour shift from being on vacation for 19 days, YES 19 days!!! I slept horrible today. Kept getting up and just didnt sleep. Got up ealry and mowed the yard and went from a run about 1645. I decided to try my camelback so I loaded it up with water and my phone and some gummies. Was contimplating on doing a 5 or an 8. Started out, the pack drove me crazy. Had to stop and fix it in front of Broadway, I know I made it really far 😉 Ran about a mile and my legs felt so heavy and the pack was scrapping my armpits. Tied the pack tighter and tried to play the mind games with myself, did not work today. Decided to walk for a bit and set a point where I would start running again and where I could rest. It was so hot and no shade I just was not in to it today. Made it to 2.5 miles and decided that was ENOUGH! Turned around and started to run again, well made it less than a 1/2 mile and ended up walking the rest of the way home. My fingers were snausages, so fat and stubby feeling, my calves hurt, and I was sweaty. Made it home by 1800. I am going to do my foot rubs with a frozen golf ball (oh my left foot hurts again) and forget out my workout and move on and get ready for the next.

Day 67: Rest Day. Tip: Up to 20 minutes of sun exposure is good for you. After that, you need sun screen.

Day 68: Hard time getting up this morning, so I slept in. Went out at 1100 and headed for West Elmira, more shade. I ran most of my 8 miles, walked over the bridge and went into Wilson Farms on Hoffman for more water. Foot felt good till I got home. My podiarty apt was today. I saw Dr. Leonard, she was AMAZING! She explained everything and gave me a couple of options. #1 immoblizing boot and rest for 2 weeks or #2 shoe inserts, PO prednisone, a night boot, and PT for 6-8 weeks. Well I went with #2 of course! She also recommended cross training :biking and swimming.

Day 69: Rest Day. I went to Kingsbury and ordered a bike.  A Trek and of course my size had to be ordered.  Tip: Despite peristent myth, heatstroke can strike when you’re fully hydrated, even when you’re still sewating. Sudden weakness and an abnormally speeding heart rate should tell you to seek shelter.

Day 70: Worked Friday night and wore my shoe inserts, well now my calves are killing me! Rest Day yet again.

Day 71: Keuka 5K Dash. This course is Hilly. My lungs were burning and my calves were killing me. Finished in about 34:55. Hung out with my dad awhile, we were a good pair limping around when we got out of the van. Got home and lounged on the couch with my boot on. My calves were killing me. Eric got home and barley squeezed my leg and I about jumped through the roof. I tried the stick, to massage them out but it hurt too much. Anjie happen to be texting me and told me to do an ice bath. YIKES, I have heard about them but always too chicken b/c I hate being cold. I went into the bathroom but I forgot out tub does not seal.  Our tub upstairs is still in the middle of the bathroom 😦   So I went out back and filled a cooler with water from the hose and a few ice cubes.  I decided I would make myself sit for 5 miutes  well it actually felt good and was bumbed I didnt make it colder. I think it helped!

Week 10: 16 miles total 😦

Day 72:It’s Monday and I am working all week. I decidedto get my 8 mile run out of the way. I went to mapmyruns.com and found a new route. Broadway to Penn Ave to Cedar st to Maple Ave, up Miller to Penn Ave, up South Main, to Broadway down to MT Zoar and up to Holleck and down Bennett hill and home. It started off bad, my calves and lungs were burning. I pushed on and started to feel better after about 4 miles. I liked running on Maple Ave, VERY wide shoulders and speed limit is 30mph. Stopped at  Aplus and bought some water and lifesavers, I only had 1 cough drop 😦 I can not run without my cough drops! Made it to Broadway and thought I was going to poop my pants almost went home but made myself keep going. Felt good to run up that hill, I never go that way. When I got home I was done  and my legs actaully felt good  This actually works well for me, when I put my legs in the air against the wall, stretches them out. Got around and went to Physical Therapy. He showed me a few stretches and massages my left foot and calf. It was hard for him to help me d/t no pain. We think the steriods were making things better. He decided I would come on a need basis, just call and come in.

Day 73: Worked all night and my back and calves were killing me. Weird morning! REst DAY!!! They called about my bike being in but could not get myself to go get it yet.

Day 74: Back still aching, decided to rest yet again.

Day 75: Back a mess and mental exhausted from work.

Day 76: Decided on a 5 mile treadmill workout at the gym. Hey why not I pay for that membership and I thought the treadmill would be better on my sore parts. The first 2 miles were not good, I almost quit! I walked a bit and talked myself into finishing the workout. I increase incline and speed and it is a nice change of pace. I finished it out and felt good about finishing but not so good about my back. Aleve has been my friend for the last week and my poor liver does not like it 😦  I went to Kingsbury’s and picked up my bike. and a few other things: water bottle, helmet, pump, spare tire kit, seat pouch, odometer so about $170 later I was ready to ride. I went 6 miles and it felt great!

Day 77: BAck is killing me yet again, I know I need to do something about it and quit complaining. I was going to run home from Abbi’s party at Harris Hill but the road was all gravel and no shoulder and it felt too humid and I was tired. Came home and took a 20 minute nap and decided I needed to get moving. I got on my bike and road 10 miles. It is not the same as running but I was moving.

Day 78: Followed the weather channel and set my alarm for 0600. Got up Sunday morning and it was pouring rain, huge gusts of wind, and weather.com said thunderstorms till 1300. Went back to bed annoyed. Got up about 1230 and made breakfast, still raining alot and winding. Whinned and complained about having to run so many miles today (17) got dressed and changed a few more times. Sat on the couch whinning some more. Thought about going to the gym to do some of the run, BORING! The boys ordered a sheet pizza and last minute I had Eric drop me off on his way to get the pizza. Well not really on his way. We drove out old Penn Ave and through Webb Mills. I was going to have him take me 17 miles out but it was getting further and further away, no cell service and very small shoulders on the road. Eric would not take me out any further so I talked him into 9 miles out, which is in Millerton PA. Started around 1520 and headed home. The bridge past the Dandy was underconstruction and a nightmare to run on, no shoulder and alot of traffic. Of course while I was running a tractor trailor and a bus pass me, yikes! My back and calves were killing me. started to feel better around 3 miles. Ate some organic chews (thank you Jenni, my new fav) around the pine city post office, 5 miles into my run. Texted Eric real quick and told him all was good. He was nervous about dropping me off. Stopped at Sheppards for more water.  Got to Pauline Ave and it started to rain and felt good but the sky was getting very dark. Hit broadway, just under 9 miles and made myself continue. Ate a couple more chewy things while I crossed to Cedar st. Headed to Maple Ave and was doing well. Started to get hungry I mean starving. I think I was thinking about that sheet pizza now. Hit Miller St and walked a minute, my knees were killing me. Checked my phone for some reason, Eric was checking on me about 1800. Started running again to A Plus. Decided on an energy water and PB crackers, I needed protein and carbs. The lady at the register was annoying me, trying to sell me 2 waters and get a score card thing. I said “I have run about 13 miles and have a few more to go. I can not be carrying extra things.” She continued to annoy me and the guy behind was asking me about my tattoos and said oh your out running. WTF people, I am sweaty and TIRED! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Ate 4 crackers and started to run again. It was too late, I was done. Made myself run home and finished around 1830. I think I did about 16 miles, maybe a little less. Felt so good to be done and yes that sheet pizza was AMAZING and worth the run.

Week 11 total: 29 miles and 15 bike miles

Day 79: REST DAY, my parts hurt real bad.   My feet are sweet looking, YUCK! I can not wait to get a pedicure, that poor person doing it!

Day 80: “Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic” Tim Noakes, author of Lore of Running.  I needed this quote today, my parts still really hurt, going to go out and try and get some miles in. I flaked and road my bike to work, which is only about 3 miles. Didn’t want to be all sweaty so thats all I went.

Day 81: Road my bike home from work and took a few turns did about 5 miles. Went to bed and when I got up did a 3 mile run which turned into a 2.75 mile walk, my calves were killing me! 

“Relish the bad training runs. Without them it’s difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones” – Pat Teske

Day 82: LAZY! Wish I would of read this: “To be prepared is half the victory”- Miguel de Cervantes

I went shopping and bought myself a sweet Kool Kid vest

Day 83: Went for a run and back out last minute and did a 15 mile bike ride with 2 hills, my ♥ was pounding. Got home felt really good. Decided to do a 3 mile run. Not the best idea walked a little of it but my back and calves were killing me yet again.

Day 84: “Keep varying the program. Your body will tell you what to do.”- Joan Benoit Samuelson

Day 85: Run with a purpose! http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-267–14014-0,00.html?cm_mmc=NL-Womens-_-665492-_-08172011-_-Get%20to%20the%20Point

Week 12 total: 6 mile and 22 bike miles. Not sure what my deal was but I just could not make myself get out there and do more. Call it lazy or maybe smart because my parts have been hurting so much but it is what it is and I am moving on!

Day 86: Finally a day off after 6 days of work, Yup slept it all away.    Tip: Yes, running is a great way to manage stress, but chronically stressed runners have a higher incidence of injury, probably because they’re distracted. Try to find a moment of peace before you begin your workout.

Day 87: Awake all night and slept all day. My mom will not let me run at night, but lets be honest I am a big chicken and would never run at night so I blame it on my mom 😉 I did sign up for a 5K in Elmira Heights http://www.active.com/running/elmira-heights-ny/strides-against-child-hunger-5k-2011?cmp=1745&fb_ref=event_details&fb_source=profile_oneline for the Food bank of the Southern Tier. I love good causes!

I know running makes me hungry, I found this article with some healthy snack choices: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-242-300–13916-0,00.html?cm_mmc=NL-Womens-_-665492-_-08172011-_-Healthy%20Snacks%20to%20Satisfy%20Cravings

Day 88: Worked and was exhausted, woke up and moved to the couch and back to sleep!   

Day 89: Awake all night, so slept all day again!  Tip: When you’re sidelined by injury, remember that it’s a psychological, as well as a physical, blow. Be kind to yourself.

Day 90: Lazy again!  “Courage is restistance to fear, mastery of fear- not absence of fear.”- Mark Twain

Day 91: Yup you guess it nothing again today! “Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time”- Voltaire

Week 13: BIG FAT ZERO. did not even use my bike. I succ (yup 2 c’s) at life this week!

Day 92: Lazy all day cause I somewhat partied at night then off to work

Day 93: SLEPT and laid on the couch. I know your all suprised now. Found a post on Sue’s FB page: 20 days till the marathon. YIKES, reality is setting in.

Day 94: Up early and Nicole and I headed out for an 8 mile run which turned into a 6 mile run/walk. I am shaking it off and moving on. We had not been out in a long time but I will be putting in the rest of my miles, I only have 19 days left.

Day 95: Went to the podiartist again, the predisone was wearing off and my foot was hurting again. She talked me into an injection in my foot. I had to work at Bernies that night and questioned if it would be ok to be on it all night. She said it would be fine and injected away. OUCH, that shit hurt! An 18 gauge need in the arch of my foot. Holly crap! Felt good for a bit, went numb. Got to Bernies and it was killing me. It actually made me sick to my stomach it hurt so bad. I found someone to work for me and went home for a bit.

Day 96: Was unsure how it would feel so I went for a 12 mile bike ride. Then started a 3 day work weekend. These suck, I can not sleep when Eric is home!

Day 97&98: Work

Day 99: Sleep

Day 100 & 101& 102: work

Day 103: rest

Day 104: Food bank of the Southern Tier 5K my time was 31:51

Day 105&106: Work

Day 107: Nicole and I headed out for a run. We were not sure how far we were going but we were getting out there. We walked past Broadway school, lots of traffic, and a warm up then started to run on Old Penn Ave. After about a mile I broke down and could not go any further. My back or maybe I should say my left buttocks hurt. I had a sharp pain starting at the top of my butt and shot down my leg.  Sciatic nerve pain GRRR, thus now referred to as butt pain.We ended up walking to the 2 mile spot and headed back. I could not talk myself into running again, it hurt too much. By the time I got home I was a limping mess. It took me 10 minutes to get off the couch go to the bathroom and then get in bed. Took some meds and got a heating pad and went to sleep. Woke up feeling somewhat better. Didnt think too much of it UNTIL Nicole reminded me that we had taken down a crazy demented patient that night. Oh shoot, he did have me backed into the corner and secuirty was taking too long so we took him down. Great it wasnt even my patient, GRRR>

Day 108: a little sore when I woke up, decided to rest.

Day 109: Got dressed, put on my music and made it to the end of the street and had to turn around due to the pain. Went to work and it proceeded to get worse. Ended up running home on my lunch break for my heating bag, took more Aleve and gimped around work all night holding my butt.

Day 110: Headed to the grocery store and had to leave I couldnt stand walking around. Freaked out and called a friend, Thank you Carolyn! She got me an apt at FLOS at 9:30. Problem being I had a podiarty apt at 9, because they had to reschedule me AGAIN! Went to pod office and decided to reschedule for next week. My foot was the least of my worries today. Went to Dr. Coughlin’s office and there was not much he could do for me. I got a script for Ultram, he told me to double up the mobic till the race, heating pad, and see the chiropractor. I also got race advice as he had run the Wineglass multiple times, maybe 19?!?!? His office made me an apt at the Chiropractor, but I had to go now. Headed over there and She twisted, pulled, and cracked all my parts. Feeling more sore leaving there and she told me ice packs. UGH so tired and confused : heat or ice? Went to Geroulds and got my script. Headed home popped some pills and went to bed. Woke up 4 hours later with a stomach ache and feeling less sore but it was still there. Canceled on dinner and hung out on the couch with an ice pack. Went to bed around midnight.

Day 111: Woke up at 0200. Took more pills and slept maybe another 2 hours. Lounged all morning on the couch. Got around and headed to Corning with the girls. We went to the Expo at the Corning YMCA to pick up our bibs and packets.  <—–Yup this was reassuring. We headed across the bridge to get out wine and wineglass. My butt was starting to hurt again, and limp was back on the way to the car. Went home to ice andtake meds. Ate poorly, was not hungry. Nicole dropped off our race shirts: Chilled on the couch and went to bed early.

Day 112: RACE DAY! “Slept normal” for me, up a few times. Continued to medicate. Felt good this morning, except for a horrible pit in my stomach, NERVES!

We had to walk a ways to the start of the race, it was raining, not just a sprinkling, but raining!

Race started and Amanda and Anjie were keeping pace with the 4:40 group. Nicole and I held back and did our thing. The first 4 miles were rough for me, my butt was killing me. Alot of people were complmenting me on my shirt, which helped that they were passing me. It continued to rain. I was hoping to see Eric near the Wooden Nickel but traffic was backed up. We continued out of Bath, the slope in the road sucked. Finally turning off the main road and up a little incline.  We finally see Eric at the first viweing area, poor little guy was soaked. He took out picture and had a bag of goodies in case, I switched out my water bottle for a full one and grabbed a cliff bar. He told us Amanda and Anjie were about a half hour in front of us, Ugh! We kept going, I swear it started to down pour even more. We are on an old country road and it is boring. Nicole is fading. I am feeling well at this point. We hit mile 11, which seemed to have last forever. I was keeping pace but my neck and shoulders were hurting, I must of been running with a terrible look on my face and hunched over? We were coming up on the second viewing area. Nicole was going to bail. I asked what time it was 11:03. This depressed me and put me in the mind set of I will never finish. I was DONE! The race only allows 6 hours and there is a truck that will pick up the stragglers, I didn’t wanna ride in that truck. I started to walk, so I could take my ultram and try and talk myself into going again. the pain set in, my back and knees were throbbing. I broke down and told Eric I quit. It was a horrible moment. We continued to walk a bit to where Nicole found Jeff and I saw my mom, donnie, and Cook. I was soaked, cold, and frustarted. Got in the car and changed what I could then broke down and cried (yup, like I am now writting this) I really can’t explain all the frustration I am feeling. I really did not train the last month at all, I do deserve not to finish. My parts have been hurting longer than they haven’t.

I need to learn from my mistakes, try harder next time, and move on! There are a million more races that can be run.

A big Congrats to my pal, Nicole! This was her first race EVER. Who does that, a marathon for thir first race? She did complete 13.1 !!!!

Congrats to everyone else who finished: Sue on your first half marathon, Amanda on a personal best, and Anjie on your first marathon! I am so proud of you girls!

Pictures to come!

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One response to “26.2 Miles here I come!

  1. mom

    No need to cry…you should be proud of what you accomplished, especially with the last month that you have had. Next time, and I know there will be next time (saw it in your face…you didn’t want to give in) you will hopefully have less physical problems and be able to train…then you will complete the whole course. Just to remind you…you have done a marathon..1/2 in NYC and 1/2 in the Wineglass!

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