Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday so I am going share some weird stuff I do or say in my life:

1. When I have a headache I have mutiple things I do to make it go away.

  • Peppermint oil on my tempols (not to low cause it burns your eyes)
  • Hood up. How can you not feel better wearing a hoodie with the hood up?
  • Scooby’s tail across my forehead (I stuffed scooby pillow)
  • sleeping at the other end of the bed

I know all these things sound silly but they usually work for me!

2. Be comfortable in life! When I get home I usually change immediatley. I go to the bathroom and then strip down and put on something comfy. If I am wearing jeans out they even come off. I love my “fat kid” pants. No joke If I am home for a half an hour, I put the comfy clothes on till its time to go again. Being comfortable is super important to me. Why not be comfy in your own home? Funny thing is I dont really ever dress up, so many would think I was already wearing  my comfy clothes.

3. Beer. It’s what’s for breakfast!  I work night shift, what’s a girl to do? Sometimes it is nice to come home and have a bud light. Being a nurse can be stressful and exhausting. Why not have a drink, people that work days have a drink after work. Fieldhouse opens at 0800!!!!

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  1. What’s on the agenda for this weeks Wild and Wacky Wednesdays?

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