Annoyed today with life in general, so this post will be me complaining about it.

My foot is effin KILLING me. I went to the podiatrist last week and told her it was much better and I didn’t really need to see her any more. BIG MISTAKE! I guess I better call and make an appointment for another injection. Good thing she said to call her as needed 🙂 It throbbed all night at work and still when I woke up. I hate the night boot, it is so big hard and annoying to wear when I sleep. The medicine she gave me makes me sleepy, which helps with my insomnia if I take before bed BUT as the day goes on or night (at work) my foot is killing me cause it is wearing off. Sleepy at work or pain? Atleast the pain keeps me awake?!?!?!


My laptop. I bought a Dell May 2010, after we got home from Aruba. This piece of shit has not worked since I got it. I have had it sent back twice now and working on my 3rd send back. The only good thing is that I bought a 3 year warranty ( I am getting my moneys worth) Well Staples, where I got it, does not actually repair and it has to be sent out. The first time it had to be sent to the manufacture because they have a year warranty. Ummm why do I have to pay Staples for the 1st year then when it’s already covered? So It was sent out and “fixed”. Then next time, which was just after May 2011 I had to send to the Staples service place. They cleaned it and said everything was fine and sent it back. Well it worked well for about a month than started doing crazy things again. I had a few friends (thank you Bill & Amanda) look at it and see what they could do. Well last week it just won’t turn on. So once again I am calling the stupid service center to have it fixed yet again. Last time I was on the phone for over a half an hour so of course I didn’t wanna call back and put it off till today. The phone call today was 10 minutes and the guy spoke English well so it went smoother. I asked if there was anyway to get a new one. “We have to repair the same part 3 times in order for that to happen”. So the first send back does not count because it was through Dell. The second time they said nothing was wrong just needed to be cleaned. So pretty much I am SOL!


My phone. I have had my phone since December 2010. Well the first few months were rocky, I ended up with getting a new because it was not working correctly. Now it shuts it self off all the time, that battery will nt always charge and blink red cause its angry, and I get crappy service at my house (Eric’s is fine) so I can not make phone calls and do not receive them either. I get voicemail. So people if you call me most likely it is cause I have no idea cause my phone does not ring or my phone will not allow me to call you back. I can text and get online but not use te actual phone. ANNOYING!


Running. I decided to run because it is a challenge for me and get my butt in shape. I want to be healthy! Well my foot hurts, my back hurts, my shoulders, ect….. Something is always hurting. Sometimes it does not seem worth it and maybe I should pick a new hobby. My insurance SUCKS which will lead me to my next complaint.

Insurance. How does a nurse in a hospital have crappy ass insurance. It baffles me. I take care of a bunch of douchebag drugs seekers with no jobs and they get a free ride. I work hard and normally do not have many health issues, a cold twice a year but that’s it. Well I have been going to doctors appointments like crazy lately: podiatrist, chiropractor, and orthopedic. Not to mention my regularly scheduled stuff: optometrist, gyno, dentist. These bills are adding up fast. (thank you Heather 😉 ) I do not mind paying my fair share but come on it is just frustrating being in the job I am watching people screw the system. The poor elderly not taking all their meds and not seeing medical care due to the cost. They are the ones that worked all their lives and should be taken care of. So yes, I HATE you all you welfare low life scumbags that ruin the system for everyone because you are LAZY!

Ok that’s enough negativity for 1 day. I promise tomorrows post will be funny and uplifting!

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  1. you go girl, lol, (and I really feel ya on the Dell – mine ejects CDs I am watching randomly and multiple times a sesh, plus right now it’s stuck on eject and not giving me my dvd back!! – and the insurance, dang it’s expensive, lol!!) hugs to you!

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