Old School friends

Well a small group of Kool kids are on google+ and we pretty much talk junk to one another or gang up someone cause that’s what we do!

It was brought up last week that we go for a bike ride on Saturday. We talked about it all week, well Saturday morning came and we needed to actually make some plans. I started texting Cory around 1030, he is the ring leader of this bike ride. By about 1230 everyone was actually at the house with some sort of bike and ready to go. Cory had an extra bike for Weez  and I had an old trek (that I have had since middle school) for Eric. When Bill showed up we all looked at him and started laughing, we could not help it. I have only seen Bill in sneakers once or twice (I have known Bill for a long time now) he was also wearing a sweet tank top and had gloves.

Eric  filled the tires and tried to adjust the handle bars and raised the seat. My bike was a little too short for him.   Cory said hey Weez, “Wanna put it in here” as he was patting his ass. Really not sure what that was aboot.

We headed down towards old Penn Ave. Weez was cracking me up, cruisin’ through Broadway parking lot “I feel so alive!” We continue on our way and I notice Weez’s back tire is wabbly, he gets nervous and jumps off “I thought the tire was coming off”. Just the wheel was bent. About 3 miles into the ride I try to talk them into going up a hill and around to Mt. Zoar. We started down the street and Weez needed a break.  When Weez tried to get up his legs looked like jello and he fell back down.

It was decided we would ride to Eric’s mom & Burt’s house. Which was only another 2 miles away. Bill, Cory, and & I were ahead and made it there first. There was a slight incline. We got there and Burt looked out the door kind of confused. It was a surprise visit. Bill parked his Bike yes his Trek has a kickstand. Poor Eric, his bike only goes in 6th and 7th gear.  Finally Weez comes strolling in “My heart is beating outside of my chest”  We hung out awhile, filled our water bottles. It was very warm for October. Burt,Anne, & Nick talked Disney. We laughed at Weez and then he got stung by a BeeBee so we laughed some more. Burt made a comment how he thought it was cool that we all still hung out together. We have been friends since at least High School, some of us longer. It is awesome that we all still make time to do things. Most people grow apart and don’t have time, but it seems like we all make time to do stupid things together once in a while.

We headed back and of course a few people wanted to stop at the Country Tavern. We pulled up like we were a biker gang, there were a few people standing outside laughing at us for sure. Cory got stuck with the bar bill. We ordered 5 Bud lights and a Miller lite. The bartender said “let me guess the Miller is his” pointing at Nick. Of course we all laughed at Nick. Bill walked around a minute “hey I have been here before”. Laughing at Bill now, Yes Bill we have been here a few time, dime throwing?!!?!? Cory sucked down his beer like a freak.  The rest of us finished and we headed out. Cory, Nick, and I were leading the pack and decided to go up that hill. We all started and I wanted to die at the 3rd driveway(last time I stopped at the 2nd, so I am getting better). Bill came up, then Eric, and Weez made it. Cory kept going like the freak that he is. Heading back down was fun I think I got up to 32.1 mph, then I lost my hat. Finished up our ride 10.9 miles. Sat around for a little bit and decided on Wegman’s subs!

I can’t wait for our next outdoor adventure!

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