Week 2 fat kid club

It seems Week 1 of fat kid club went very well for everyone. For those of you that didn’t read my fat kid club post a few weeks ago, YOU SUCK!

Well night shift can do crazy things to ones body. At work we came up with a friendly competition to lose weight and become healthy. It is a 12 week challenge. We have to log ALL of our food, exercise so much each week (increases as weeks go on), do nice things for ourselves, drink more water and less ETOH (that’s a personal goal) and try an adapt a more healthier lifestyle. We are using fatsecret.com which is an awesome free site to help log food, track exercise,  share recipes, and words of encouragement.

I am hoping people are using this as a way to change their lifestyle to a more healthy and happier one. Yeah the thought of winning $400 is AWESOME but to me the thought of feeling comfortable in my own skin has a higher value in over all life.

The other night at work I made Apple Cinnamon treats  total calories just under 130!

Buy apple cinnamon rice cakes (50 calories each) and they taste good

Drizzle sugar-free caramel sauce

Slice an apple

Add chopped nuts if desired.


Anyone have any healthy yummy recipes to share? Or fun exercises to try out?

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