Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

1.I like even number dates. Maybe because I was born on January 10th,1980. Yes people I am 31 years young. When picking we chose, who I am kidding  I picked the date. May 12, 2010. Always wanted to get married when I was 30, even number.

2. I love the World Series. I am a very casual Yankee fan, until the end of the season. Once it starts to get cold I like watching baseball. I am totally into the World Series ever year. Trust me baseball is so much better in person, I have been to a couple of  stadiums: Camden Yard, Fenway (Green monster tickets), and Kansas City. I would love to go to many more. Not sure what it is but I like baseball. So this year I am a little out of my element, I have no idea who I want to win. Post season was kind of a bust for me, I didnt know who to cheer for after the first round. I have decided this morning I am rooting for the Cardinals. (Maybe it’s because I have been to St. Louise?!?!) So tonight is the start of the series. I hope it makes it to all 7 games!

3. OCD, At work I am extremely OCD. I do the same things when I get to work and set up my stuff the same way for the past 9 years. I know in a hospital things don’t always go as planned, well they never do. But I like to stick to as best as i can my system. I can not have a dirty med room when I am trying to pull my meds, it must be cleaned first. My paper work is set up the same way. I write in red pen and highlight certain things. I always have 2 pens (even number) in my hair, scissors, marker, and penlight l in my pockets. At the end of my shift I always shred my paperwork, put away all my nursey nurse stuff in my locker in my lab coat for next time.

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