wild & wacky wednesdays

Oh man here it is again. I am going to tell you weird stuff about myself today.

  1. I ♥ going to the dentist. I went yesterday that’s why I bring it up. I have had only 1 hygentist since I have had teeth. Not sure what I would do without Pat. I have grown up with her. I love the way my teeth feel after they are cleaned and scrapped. The funny thing is I have BAD teeth, I usually have to get a filling or 2 everytime I go. (I go every 6 months, like clockwork) I have small gaps which I guess allow for all the stupid cavities to grow. I usually get a xray done once a year to catch things early. I have had so many fillings over the years I usually don’t get Novocaine, screw that stuff I hate how everything swells up and is numb. I would rather suck up the pain for the 10 minutes it takes to finish.  I have always had bad luck with my teeth: I had braces FOREVER in high school, I swear I had them a lot longer that most people.  I got 2 dry sockets when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, OUCH! I was also lucky enough to get an infected tooth over a holiday weekend and ended up with a root canal. Let me tell you that was probably the worse pain I have ever felt, stupid front tooth.
  2. I bite my nails. This is GROSS! Hands are dirty and nails are even worse. To make matter worse I then take my nail, that I bit off and use it to pick at my teeth. UMMMM super weird! I have been painting my nails lately so I will not bite them. Really trying to cut this habit.
  3. Towel warmer. I am so addicted to my towel warmer (thank you Heather). It is a very lovely invention when it is getting oh so cold outside.

Ok that is enough for this week. Anyone have any weird habits or addictions you wanna share?



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2 responses to “wild & wacky wednesdays

  1. Oh my friggin god, I almost puked when I read that you pick your teeth with the nail that you bite off… I know what to get you for christmas, lots and lots of nail polish.

  2. It’s usually when I am driving, ha ha I forgot to add that!

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