Funday Saturday

 A day of fun was planned for Saturday (10/22) Well we went out the night before. It was decided to meet at our house at 11am Saturday morning. I texted Cory and told him we were going to be late. I did not tell Bill cause he is always OMW (on my way). I think we left the house around noon, hit up McDonalds and headed towards Ithaca. Did I mention that Weez backed out and went home 😦   We passed the turn for Robert Treman park, oops! Had to turn back around and headed up the hill towards the top. I wanted to find a letterbox so it was best to start at the top. Cory has been saying for about a week that he knew right where the letterbox was, eventhough he had no idea what a letterbox was. We headed down the lower trail and it was closed 0.25 miles in right near Lucifer Falls (115 ft waterfall). The letterbox was just after that spot.

     We headed back and went up the upper trail. We looped back around towards the waterfall and it was closed from that way too! Eric & Bill decided to go for it, the letterbox was only a few feet up anyways.  Yeah, we found Boot Scootin  between these 2 trees.  headed back towards the top    We came down A LOT of stairs so that means we had to walk up A LOT of stairs. Enjoying the fall foliage on the way up  and the great moss that I had to touch, kind of wanted to put my feet on it 🙂  Conitued on our way, some of us sweating and more than others. Headed back to the car after an hour or so.

Went to Ithaca commons after eric drove around for awhile. BORING! The boys had some pizza and we met up with Nick, Janet, & Jade. Decided to head to Ithaca mall so look for indoor putt putt. They have indoor glow in the dark putt putt. It was $9 a person and you could play up to 3 rounds if you wanted. We got a deal cause we had more than 5 people in our group.   The balls were glow in the dark also. You could get a ball that you had to “charge”, dorry forgot to take a picture of this. You put the ball in a canister and pushed the button for the light to come on. We started playing but it was taking forever. We decided to play 2 holes at a time. THANKYOU Janet for keeping track of the scores to well. your awesome!    We get to the last hole and Janet got the special hole in 1. She creamed so loud, super Funny!  Went walking around the mall, looking at the Halloween store. Eric & I found a photobooth. Had to get in it and the boys could see everything we were doing in there, it was funny. Headed back to Target, that’s where we parked. Janet was shopping for socks so we waited outside. It is a HUGE Target and I would of never left it if I went looking. Bill bought a super ball and they played with the ball outside in the parking lot.  They were hitting the buidling and the door, it was loud. When Jade came out she wanted to play. Well Bill pushed her into the parking lot with cars driving by 😉

We headed up to Little Caesar’s in Cortland. They also have an indoor putt putt place, going to try that next time! Get to Little Ceasar’s and bought them out of crazy bread, YUMMMMM  How can you beat a $5 large pizza and $2.50 crazy bread?!?!

Another great day with the Kool Kids! Can’t wait for our next outing. Any suggestions what we can do?

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