If you don’t like hockey your crazy (Ryan and Cory)  

It’s alot of fun to go and watch. You drink some beer, get some popcorn, and watch some people fight on ice. What could be better?

We went to our first game of the season this weekend. Bill got tickets from work $2.50 yeah buddy.

It was the third homegame and Jackals were undefeated so it was pretty busy. We got in just in time for the National anthem and lost Weez. Checked out the seat situation and our favorite seats were open. We headed up to them. Sorry can’t share where they are, the rock! Close bathroom, easy bar, good view, and no chance of getting hit by a puck!

We got our beer and snacks and our seats were gone. We had to head to a different section and find room for 6. We sat down and I started eating popcorn, which I saved my calories for all day. Well the popcorn was not that good, kind of burnt. Bill and I continued to discuss the popcorn most of the first period.

Bill,” You gotta look and find the right one, it will show it’s self and it will be good”. The girl in front of us just started laughing telling her husband we were cracking her up about the popcorn. Break came and they got up and left and did not come back after the start of the second period 😦 Bill must of scared them away!!!!

They came back for the third period and I asked them if Bill scared them away? She laughed some more. I asked her to take our picture. Kool Kids at the hockey game!

Went to the fieldhouse after and it was weird times. Bill, Pike, & I messed with a hermit crab for a bit  then some weird people decided to wrestle on the floor of the fieldhouse. WHO DOES THAT? 🙂

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