Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

All I gots to say this week is thankyou its Wednesday. A day off!!!!

1. It has been brought to my attention that I am a label whore. I have decided to embrace “middle class label whore”. Who doesn’t like nice things? The funny thing is I have never really thought of my self as materialistic, I am all about free t-shirts (I wear my race shirts all the time), going against the norm and liking something because I like it, or because it’s just plain weird. I guess as I grow older I realized there are things in life that I guess I just would like to spend my hard-earned money because I CAN! There are certain things I have to buy:

  • Chii straightener (so worth the money to me, with my wild and crazy hair)
  •  UGG boats (these things are like a slice of heaven, so warm and comforting)
  • Tiffany’s (really no explanation as to why I like Tiffany, but I do not really wear jewelry so why not have nice for what little I have?)
  • American Eagle jeans ( I am tall, they have longs and fit the best!)
  • Vera Bradley (durable, lots of options, and different)

2. I always take 3 Aleve at a time. Super weird considering I like even numbers. Still have not figured this out but continue to do it like the bad nurse that I am.

3. Clean car. I hate despize garbage or clutter in my car.




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