The case of the traveling toilet

I wish I knew the date, maybe I will figure it out some day. After a crazy night at work we decided to go to Fieldhouse for beerfast. On the way someone, I believe it was Megan noticed a free toilet on Broadway. We went and had a few drinks. We dropped off Sue Lamb and then decided to go back to get the toilet. We were in Megan’s dads van. We loaded up the nasty thing and went to my house and got some random things to put with it. Went back to Sue’s after a bit, wanted to make sure she was sleeping and so the traveling toilet begins:

At Sue’s house:  with a few things we found in my garage.

Well Sue brought it back to me that afternoon and Eric was not happy when we pulled in the driveway, we loaded it up and it went right to Megan’s house.

Then Megan and I decided on Tammy Kelly. We loaded the toilet up one night after I worked at Bernies. Well for some reason my Jeep was making this god awful noise. We stopped at Vito’s and changed vehicles with my brother. Well he had some small truck with a big motor that was kind of busted. We loaded the toilet up and Megan rode in the back with it so it would not tip over.  We found Tammy’s house (she was working at night shift that night)  I guess I dont have pictures of it at Tammy.

Tammy redecorated the toilet as an afro pumpkin and took it to Kristin’s house:        the kids were excited and thought there might be candy in it. We picked it up from Kristin’s and I believe it was back at my house again (my doing this time)

We decided on Angie’s front porch. Well TJ did not like it and put it on Megan’s roof, YES roof! Well Megan pulled it down and thus the toilet was in 2, which actually made it much easier to move.

Oh man back at my house for the third time  Eric was NOT happy.

It went to Ritner’s as his going away present.  Tara and I took it up to Big Flats in the rain!

Sharon Crafts for her birthday, with light up candles. We decided to call her from out front because we didn’t want the candles to go out before she saw it.

Mary Noble’s as a Christmas toilet:   

Mary took it to Marcy’s:

LONG story which I don’t wanna share, but some people got it back from Marcy. (Team A and Team B) and possibly a little help from the FH.

Took it to Mary Vosburgh’s house. Well her husband caught us,  “Hello? what are you ladies doing?”  Megan ran to the Jeep and left Sue and I high and dry in the middle of no-where. He found us funny and took our picture!

I believe it was back to my house yet again. Did I mention Eric hates the toilet!

Jennilee’s house for a wedding gift, she actually loved it! It did look very nice if I do say so myself.   

We made at Graduation/Birthday toilet for Janet:

So the Toilet has not moved in over a year. For some reason we decided it needed a new home, poor Janet was stuck with it for over a year! We all (Tammy, Marlene, Melissa, Kristin, Tanesha, and myself) met at my house. We went and got the toilet from Janet’s she was not home and Jake was not happy. Marlene was looking to swap flip-flops.  Cleaned the toilet a little and just started spray painting. Tammy and I came up with a crazy contraption to have an umbrella with lots of flip-flops hanging off it. Fooled around for a bit    We loaded up in the truck, yes all of us. Tammy driving, Kristin riding shotgun, and Marlene in the cab. Melissa, Tanesha, and myself in the back of the truck with the toilet.  We all were designated a “job” and reminded our selves to be very quiet. Well on the way Tammy decided to take a detour and head by Dee’s house and around the block by Dunner’s. On the way I started getting wet, hmmm, wait a minute smells like beer. Over Madison Ave bridge heading down church st, past the police station up Main and down through the ghetto. Back up to Kristin’s, then Washington Ave, Down Hoffman, and finally back up church St. Really, Tammy? We are in the back of the truck for what seemed liked FOREVER.  Did I mention that Nancy lives in West Elmira, Close to the point? Well she does. I was so proud of us, we were so quiet.    well us 3 in the back decided on the way to Nancy’s that we were not sitting in the back on the way home. Tammy was on the front porch with her pants down  and we took off and got our seats in the truck. I kind of drove a little crazy to get even for the detour and the beer sprinkle. Turned over water st bridge and there were 6 cop cars, 3 on each side of the road lights flashing and cops everywhere. OH Shit! Blackhawk down, the girls in the back laid down and I carefully went through the middle of the cops cars. No idea what was going on. Home safe and sound. What a great adventure.

The next day  Yikes back @ Kristin’s.

Came back to my house for a bit, Eric said “if it’s not gone by Sunday I am throwing it away.” Tammie and I promised it would be gone. We had plans to make a NASCAR toilet for Malrene while she was Watkins for the races. Well it rained and rained some more so we didnt do it. Tammie came to get it so Eric would not throw it away.  We had a few times we were going to do it but it seemed to be always raining. Tammy and I didnt tell anyone and decided to take it to Marlene’s house before halloween. I met Tammy at her house  Her Husband said he thought he heard something but did not check it out. Marlene said people were stopping to take pictures of it on Halloween!

Saturday November 19th: Sue Cross’s house. I asked Kim at work when Sue worked and then facebook Stalked Sue to make sure she had work. We decided on Saturday around 3. Amanda was up for the weekend and was excited about being involoved with dropping of the toilet. We picked Marlene up and drove to Sue’s (I took the scenic route) Pulled into the driveway and her neighbors were outside. We decided to continue. Well the neighbor came over to check out what was going on.   We had a hard time getting our little runner girl to stay on the toilet. Good thing it was daylight.   Marlene what are you doing to that poor doll?

 Sue got home from work after midnight. I guess she stood in the front yard laughing for awhile.  

 I remembered to take a picture of the back, we write where it’s been!


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5 responses to “The case of the traveling toilet

  1. This is great…….but I can’t believe you quoted that Mary took it to Marcy’s. Oh well, I am in NC now. Hopefully the police will not be able to find me….oh shit….if
    they do??????

  2. haha, I love this story. Why does Eric hate it so much?

  3. karen w.

    You girls are amazingly funny!!! Love the story.

  4. Despite the fact that its a toilet, its very cute!

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