Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

Yup, Wednesday again! Time for me to tell you weird stuff about myself:

  1. I get my hair cut in a salon about every 2 years. I usually get in a manic episode (that’s what I call it) and cut my own hair. Yeah I am sure it is uneven and not right but I do it anyways. Not sure why I don’t go to a salon, I guess I don’t know where to go.
  2. I hate going to the movie theater! I think it’s expensive, people with their damn cellphones texting, when it’s crowded they make you move your seats, and the floor is always sticky. I do LOVE the popcorn though. 
  3. When am stressed I clean the bathroom. Not sure why the bathroom but that’s what I like to clean. When I was in nursing school I did clean EVERYTHING cause I was super stressed and would rather clean than study.

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