I got moves like Jagger

Last night I was annoyed with the football game and decided to go down stairs for something to do: beer, play pool, clean, I really don’t know I was just awake and bored. Did I mention it was at 2300? So I started walking down the steps and was messing with the lights and totally missed the last 2 steps. I went down and crunch, my right ankle was twisted. I hit the water heater going down. Funny thing is Eric was yelling at the tv cause the Patriots just scored a touchdown as I fell. I yelled for him and he didn’t hear me. It hurt so bad I wanted to throw up. He finally found me. Poor guy had no idea what to do. I crawled up the stairs and Eric found my crutches. Yup, I have a spare pair of crutches from the last time I hurt myself. I sat around for a bit sweating feeling nauseated d/t pain. My ankle swelled a little so I was just going to let it go, but the pain did not let up and the crunching noise scared me. finally decided to go to the ER around midnight, poor Eric has to get up at 0530 for work and he hates the hospital it makes him nervous.  A few xrays later I have a sprained ankle. Oh man last time I did this it seemed to hurt FOREVER. I swear it swelled up for atleast 6 months afterwards if I was on it awhile.

The worst part of this is I have probably sprained my ankle about 4 times before. I know I did on the trampoline as a kid, as a teenager I decided to walk of the front porch missing EVERY step, a few years ago in the middle of a snow storm fell outside of my house, and now. I have a way of falling, probably a little bit more than others.

So on that note I am bored sitting on my couch watching all the Harry Potter movies. I happened to mention to Eric that I could really use the last movie cause I am stuck on the couch for atleast 2 days. I have a problem sitting still when I am told to do so.

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  1. Your inability to stay on your feet perplexes me sometimes. Vegas is going to be a wreck for the both of us. Do you want to for real do a 3 legged walk race? I feel like we have the potential to further injure ourselves but the funny part of it is we could be totally hammered for this race and totally make asses of ourselves and still not come in last.

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