Thankful Thursdays

There is alot in this world to be thankful for! I decided to make Thursday’s Thankful Thursdays. So get ready:

This week I am thankful for being me!

I tell everyone that I am selfish! I really do love my life for the most part. I believe life is what you make of it, so why not be happy and do what you love. If your not why not change it?

You create your own destiny so make it!

Miss Jennings beat me to the statement of the day and so glad she did cause it’s right on point:

Why do people complain so much, is that the purpose of facebook, NO! I know I have been one of those people but I am changing my ways. Let’s spread happiness! I am going to be postive everyday with my post. Also I have decided to start from the beginning, my phone has people listed alphabetical by first name, and go down the list and put a nice comment on your page. I think this will be a great way to send random nice thoughts to people, sometimes they need a little pick me up. Should be interesting to see if the day I send you your message will have any meaning. Although I am also using this time to do a little freinds list cleaning. If I can’t think of anything nice to say or am annoyed about all your negativity you might be DELETED!

Life is good!

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