My dysFUNCTIONAL family

My mom posted this on facebook yesterday. To be honest I forgot all about it and I really don’t even remember any more who I was talking about from Bernies. I am glad that she reminded me of this!

My parents got a divorce when I was 2. So for as long as I can remember we spent week days at mom’s and weekends at dad’s. It’s just what we did and it worked well. As I grew up I would hear other kids upset about their parents fighting and not getting along. I found this to be so odd. Why? Why did they do this? First off reproduction is a choice. I know sometimes it happens BUT why would you be having sex with someone if you did not trust them to be a parent? Remember being a parent is a lifetime job! You will be connected to the other person FOREVER because you have children with them, duh! Now that I am done with my underlying public service announcement about using condoms on to what I was talking about.

I know it was not always easy for my parents to get along, they are opposites, that is why I turned out so crazy- I got the best of both! They worked together to make things easier for us. They sat together at sporting events, went to concerts, attended the same birthday parties, and helped each other if needed. As time went on my parents both remarried and their spouses fit into the mix well. Not sure how this happened but I am SO grateful for this.

I hope my family can be used at a role model cause it’s crazy dysfunction really works. We all get along and make the most of the situations.

What other family, and I mean family- Dad, Anne, Mom, Donnie, Mike, and Joe,  would spend a week together in Aruba and actually have fun? Well MINE DID!


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