Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

I know you are all super excited to learn 3 more things about myself. I told you I like being me!

  1. I am a multitasker. When I get report at work I amlooking through the kardex or MARS. When I watch TV I am playing on my phone or computer. When I talk on the phone I check my email or wander around the house. When I clean I am cleaning a bunch of random things at one time and usually dont finish it all. I like to keep busy
  2. I am always cold. Even in the summer you can find me laying on the couch with a blanket on. I love sweatshirts cause they keep me warmer!
  3. Children make me nervous. They like me for some crazy reason and I never know what I am suppost to do with them. If they scream, cry, or throw fits I straight up hate them!

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One response to “Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

  1. Haha except for the last one I recognize my self in it.. especially my hands and my feet are ALWAYS cold!

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