Wild & Wacky Wednesday

Yeah buddy it’s Wednesday again. You know what that means? Trivia tonight, Woot Woot!

Ok I am being silly, lack of sleep, yo!

Alright let’s get to the point of my stupid Wednesday posts:

  1. When I travel I always have blue toes. Amanda and I always paint our toenails blue when we fly. Why you ask? Well if the plane goes down they will know we are together. I do believe we started doing this back in 2006 when we went to the Dominican for my mom’s birthday. It has stuck since. Can I just add my toes have been blue a lot this year!
  2. Photobooths. Eric & I always hop in and get our picture taken. Its “our thing”. We rented 1 for our wedding reception. Money well spent. people had a blast!
  3.  I must  look like I care. Random people tell me sad and disturbing things about themselves. People I don’t know! I always get the young girl at Tops that tells me about how her father abandoned her when she was 6 and her boyfriend beat her up, and her dog died.

Happy Wednesday people, you have anything you wanna share about yourself?

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