Wild & Wacky Wednesday

Hey Ya’ll, sorry I missed lasts week installment of tell you weird stuff about myself, I know you didn’t sleep well that night wondering. Anyways I got back from Vegas the night before and was EXHAUSTED. I think I am getting (shhhh don’t tell anyone) a little old for such shenanigans.

  1. I have anger issues, and my response is “I just wanna punch_________ in the face.” I guess it is better to say it but I have punch a wall or 2. Man my doorbell really annoys the crap out of me when kids ring it. Driving I have road rage big time! Funny cause when Eric is driving and he is getting mad I am as cool as a cucumber “Oh relax we are not late for anything”
  2. My face is on fire. I say this all the time. Not sure why but my cheeks get so hot. Sometimes they turn red and sometimes not. I can not wash my face with hot water, it will be so hot for the rest of the day.
  3. I love to read. My book collection reminds me of a bipolar middle-aged women (oh wait) So I will read a comedy 1 day (Chelsea Handler, Tucker Max) then the next day a Love story (Nicholas Sparks) then on to history. I am seriously all over the place.

Any ideas why my face gets to hot or how to make it stop? Please share

Recommended reading?

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