It’s fine

Awhile ago I got the bright idea to run the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon. Of course I was able to talk Amanda into running with me. I found us cheap tickets with USAir and book 3 flights to Vegas for December 1st through the 6th. Amanda found a flight and met us on the first also. Bill Booked us a room at Planet Hollywood so our trip was set. We talked about what we wanted to do and I booked a show and decided to wing the rest.

December 1st: Nick & Janet picked us up and took us to the airport, thanks guys! Our flight was for 11:45 am. We got to the airport and I was being cheap so I packed mine and Eric’s things in the same suitcase, which was 62 pounds. Opps, luckily Bill’s was under weight BUT we could not get it open, the zipper was stuck. Bill’s dad had to bring over another suitcase and we had to cut open his packed suitcase and put his stuff and atleast 12 punds of ours in his bag. So our adevneture starts! Our flight left late for Philly and I ran into Ty.

Got to Philly around 1300 and our flight did not leave till 1600, we found a bar for a few beers and hung out. I fell asleep waiting   awesome picture Bill, thanks! We sat on the runway a bit and the flight seemed like it took FOREVER. We landed around 1845 (Vegas time, 3 hours behind). Amanda was at the airport waiting for us  “Welcome to Vegas  Fuckers” We got our bags quickly and a cab and headed to the hotel. Got to our room changed and headed out. Amanda found a Sephora first thing and of course needed lip gloss, she has a problem! Went straight for the Flamingo to eat at Margaritaville.  We had about a 30 minute wait so we hung at the bar.    They tried to put us in the corner, Amanda saved the day!  Nachos!  Enjoyed our dinner and we got to see the volcano show The boys played at the Flamingo for awhile and we decided to go back to the room, Stuffed with food and beer = bed! I know our first night in Vegas was a bust! We unpacked our stuff and went to bed around midnight (atleast it was 0300 NY time) Woke up a few times to notice the boys were not back yet.

December 2nd: The boys show up around 0730. We got up around then and decided to go to breakfast in the hotel. After our dinner we decided to share meals. We got eggs benedict, since neither of us had ever had it.  Not too bad. Went back to the room to shower and get dressed. Headed out for shopping. Our hotel has Miracle Mile shops. We were on a mission to find something to wear out later and clothes for our stripper class. We made as quick loop and didnt get much done. Decided we needed a pretzel to get us going  Auntie Anne’s. We found the V theater and picked up our stripper 101 tickets . I bought us these for Amanda’s birthday, so worth the money! If you go to Vegas this is a MUST for you ladies, so fun!   I asked what we should wear and we were told anything but it is much more fun in heels. I did not bring any heels due to space issues of the suitcase and my newly sprained ankle. Well we were on a mission for heels. All the heels in Vegas are like 5 inches high and I look special and CAN NOT walk in them. Finally found a cute pair boot type heels at Journeys for $30, yeah buddy!  We tried on a few things  and hit up Victoria’s Secret and did a bra fitting.  Walked around some more and ended back at Victoria’s Secret for our stripper outfits  It was around noon at this time and decided we needed a drink and hit up the Halo bar in the mall.
We had a “couple of drinks” and went to the room a little after 1300. The boys were still sleeping, well till we got there. We had to change and made them wake up to take pictures of us in our stripper outfits    Headed to our class dressed just like this, yup walked through the hotel , casino, and the mall to the Stripper bar. We are kool kids like that! We get to the bar and needed more to drink. I bought the extra package so we got a free drink, t-shirt, and pictures. We downed a “couple” of drinks and met Kerry  and entertained ourselves for a while      They took pictures of each of the people in the class so we had time for another drink and they were cheap there, AWESOME!   We hit up the bathroom and headed into the class. I must have picked a good day and time cause usually there are 2 people to a pole and the class is double. We had our own poles. She started class by teaching how to do a lap dance. We learned about using your “cookie” and a few good moves. Then onto the pole. She taught us 3 moves, it is actually hard. I can’t wait to find a place to put up my pole. What a great work out. Wer got to fool around at the end, of course we took advantage of that.    We thought it would be a good idea to hit up the Stripper bar for 1 more drink, since we got such a good deal. I texted Eric to see if they wanted to meet us down there, my phone was dying.  Ok back to the game plan, up to the room for a nap before our plans that night. We get up to the room and Amanda lost our room key. We were sitting on the floor looking through all of our things   Wish we had a video of all of this, again we were entertaining ourselves. Turning on my phone every time it died to get Eric to come back to the room to let us in. In the mean time we meet some Australian guys in the hallway and go to the bar for a drink with them. They wanted to know why we had our “knickers on the outsider of our pants”. We had a few drinks with them and the boys met up with us. It was cool to talk with them, to learn about other places. Loved how they talked and learned some of their slang. They call the cookie a fanny, ummm that’s backwards! We head up to the room the get changed for our show. I bought us tickets for the Playboy comedy club and again I bought the extra package so we got a buffet dinner, playboy comedy club with VIP entrance, and entrance into the playboy club. We hit up the buffet, it ended up being a seafood buffet 😦  Our poor waiter, Pablo. I am an ass sometimes. Amanda slammed down some crab legs and we all rushed cause we thought they were closing soon. We actually ended up sitting next to the 3 comedians in the restaurant. We waited to get into the show so played a few slots, we left Amanda asleep at a slot machine, “Hey lady you ok? You can’t sleep here” Amanda found us around the corner and was annoyed that we left her, opps! Got into the comedy club had great seats. I ordered a round of drinks and got ripped off, Bitch stole my money and then avoided us for the next hour or so. The headliner was Steve Rannazzisi from the FX show The League, found this clip and he used some of the same stuff. He is pretty funny After the show we went out in the casino to get drinks and figure out how to get to the Playboy Club. I found Amanda  getting the crab meat out. We found the line and headed up to the Club. It cost $40 to get in that stupid place, good thing I got the extra package deal. We got up to the club and it was not for us. They did not serve Budlight and they were playing techno music.  We checked out the view, which was the only good part about the Club.

We headed back to PH  quick picture in our trashy outfits. Amanda went back to the room to bed. The rest of us went to the casino. There was a country band playing at the bar in the casino, actually played some good music. We played some slots and hing out. Eric & I ended up playing a Ghostbusters machine for a couple of hours, we were having fun hitting enough to keep playing. The machine was sweet, 3D screen, rumble chairs, and a funny slimmer. Headed back to the room around 0300. No Bill, hmmmm.  award picture but my baby was all dressed up!

December 3rd: We woke up around 0630 to an Australian boy knocking on the door. Still no Bill. Back to sleep and woken up again around 0900 a different Australian. We decided to get up and get around and look for Bill. He was not answering our text and finally Eric got a hold of him. Bill got in trouble for being on his phone at the poker table. We found him around noon at a Let it Ride table. He had no idea what time of day it was and appeared to have drunk and played all night. We took him to the PBR Rock Bar and Grill for lunch, lets just say it was very fun!  Lets just say Bill was loud and mean to us girls. We finally got him back up to the room after lunch and tried to get him to lay down. He wanted to go out and we had to stall. I did instigate some because he was cracking me up, we do have some videos but you will have to wait on them. I did get bad karma for messing with Bill because he chased me into a wall pretending to be a T-Rex and I knocked myself over by the force of hitting the wall and ended up with a sweet bruise, which you will see later. Finally left Bill a little after 1300, decided not to put his Cpap machine on, did not want to wake him up! Eric, Amanda, and I went out for the day. Went outside and it was freezing  decided to make our way to the Venetian inside the casinos as much as possible. Went through the Miracle Mile Mall but got all mixed up and did not really end up anywhere and went outside to Paris and cut through the mall to Bailey’s, got mixed up in Bailey’s and ended out the side door. It was windy outside but really warm when we were inside. Continued down the strip to the Venetian, for the race expo. Bad idea, we went on a Saturday afternoon along with EVERYONE else. It was so hot and crowded we did not really get to take advantage of the stuff that was offered. Our packet pickup went quick then it was a huge clusterfuck.  We decided to get out of there. Headed into the Venetian shop area to look for a drink.      No drink but we did rest our hot feet. We found where they were running the Stiletto Dash hosted by Brook Burke. I wanted to do it but it was $100 and I am Rtarted in heels and well life in general.  At least a 3 inch heel must be worn. The dash did not start till another 2 hours so we left. Went back to check on Bill. He was breathing funny so we woke him up to put his Cpap on. We decided to go get some pizza, but it was too cold to go to Bailey’s for Sbarro. We found a pizza place in the Miracle Mile mall. Well it was not that good 😦 we ended up taking Bill back some pizza and he didn’t even want it. We woke him up and had to fill him in on his night out alone. Made him get around and we all fell asleep waiting. When he was done he went back to sleep too. Eric and I watched Ridiculosuness and then a special on Ryan Dunn. Around 2200 I got everyone up and around. We needed to get moving. Decided on going to Old Vegas, I also made an executive decision to take a cab. Glad we did it was cold and windy and did not cost that much. We headed to Freemont Street  Just in time for a light show, Kiss Downtown Vegas is fun and cheap. I found us boots with beer, how could you go wrong with that? I ordered 4 for the low price of $27 TOTAL with $5 refills. We talk with the bartender he is from Baltimore and we get him to mess with Bill, middle-sized guy. We go into all the casinos for a bit to get warm. The Golden Nugget has a sweet pool, maybe we will stay here next time.  Then to the Fitz Bill is a champ and it chugging his beer. Onto Binions  to get our FREE picture with 1 million dollars  We had to wait about 15 minutes so we fooled around in the casino.    Back to the Golden Nugget for our $5 refill.  Hit up a few more casinos on the way back, to get warm. Downtown Vegas is sweet, Nickel cash out  We went back to the end of Freemont Street to get a taxi and went in to play cheap roulette. Amanda does not gamble but she put $20 down with us. Well her and Eric were out rather quickly. Bill and I were doing ok, then I hit a black 11 yeah buddy $175! Thats awesome cause I dont really gamble much. Decided to cash out and go back to PH. Waiting for a taxi  love the old lights in downtown. We hit up PBR rock bar for a drink  and got Bill to ride the bull. Outside the bar they sold our Boots, well $27 per BOOT!   Amanda and I headed to Earl’s Sandwich shop (which was in our hotel)  got some food and went back to the room around 0230. Eric came back around 0400 and Bill was not seen again till about 0730.

December 4th: JETS game started at 1000, so Eric got up and headed to the bar around 1100. I finally got up and made it down by noon. Eric was hanging out in the crowded Sports book bar and I talked him into going to the Halo bar in the mall area. We had great seats right in front of the TV and a bucket of beer for $15  So it is race day and I decided to have a couple since the race was over 5 hours away. Amanda met us down there and the Jets won! Remember that bruise I told you about earlier, well here it is in all it’s painful glory. We decided we needed some carbs for our run  Pretzels again. I thought I knew where we were in the mall and took us the very long way to get our pretzels. Back to the halo bar to eat and order another bucket, Amanda was in now too. We continued to ordered buckets, I think I was trying to talk myself out of running and I know Amanda already had. We had a few minor injuries: soon-to-be blown Achilles, 3 weeks old sprained ankle, and plantar fasciitis. Around 1600 we decided to run, up to the room to get ready   we wrapped our ankles and figured out what to where, it was going to be cold!  race swag. Back to the Halo bar, Bill is up at this time and drinking about a liter of cola. I do belive Vegas has finally slapped him in the face! Well another bucket and a couple of ultram  Back to Earl’s Sandwich shop for 2 turkey sandwich, Amanda ordered the holiday which was turkey, cranberry, gravy, and stuffing on toasted bread.  Put on our sweet glow sticks  and learned something new. Did you know in Vegas a bartender has to open all beers sold BUT you can take an open beer in a taxi! We bought 1 more bucket and headed for a taxi with our 5 pack. The strip is shut down so traffic is crazy, the first cab would not take us. Then next took us about 3 blocks away, better than the 1.5 miles we would have had to walk. Race started at 1730 and it was about 1720, running down the street with our beers trying to get to our corral. The boys walked us as far as they could then went back towards the start, which we never did see them. They had to walk back to the room to get Eric’s cell phone, bad planning on our part. I had my times sent to his phone via text at 5K, 10K,10 miles, and 13.1 miles. So there was no way he would miss the finish.    The race starts and it is slow-moving so we had time to sneak into a corral. We are actually having fun, it’s a little cold but with so many people it was not too bad.  Amanda talked me into wearing my headlamp, which knew would annoy me after about 1 mile. We walked to the start, which took awhile. There was so many people. The race began for us, we dodged people trying to find a good spot to run. We headed towards the outside to see if we could see the boys, no luck! Eric was instructed to take a bunch of pictures of the race. We made Bill a sign to hold for us  After a little bit we decided to be those jerks and run across everyone, frogger style. We were trying to entertain ourselves, no ipods 😦 Saw the first porta-potty and needed to go, damn Bud light. We had to wait in line and THANKGOD for the headlamps. Back on track after I jumped around like a fool to find Amanda. The Strip was pretty cool, everything was lit up, the Mirage volcano exploded when we went by. We were still having fun, there were bands about every mile or so.  We hit the 5K mark, which took us FOREVER, 43:11. We got to Downtown and thought things would open up some, NOT SO MUCH! It was very dark on some of the streets and the road was crappy. The water stations were limited and poorly done. Come to find out now, they were using fire hydrants and filling garbage cans and scooping out the water from there. I guess a lot of people got sick from the water?!?!? Anyways we decided to stop for a picture  our time already sucked plus we were out to have fun. We hit the 10K mark in downtown 1:22:54. It was still crowded and we were dodging people. Some people were walking 4 & 5 deep, taking up a lot of room. We saw a man and women dressed as Elvis pushing a stroller with a large stereo playing music. We were still having fun entertaining ourselves. A rather large man pushed between us and growled on his way through, laughing about being a dog so we decided to bark for a bit. Back onto The Strip, we hit the 10 mile mark at 2:13:51. Yup still so many people.  We thought the finish line was close, Amanda thought we were moving on a good pace, I told her I thought the opposite. Too many people, our froggering had us running extra mileage, bathroom wait, pictures, etc… We finally get to the finish 2:56:08. It was so crowded and cold. We finally got outside to the family reunion site, we decided on J ahead of time.   Thankfully we were smart enough to bring warm clothes  It was a pain to get out of the race area and it started to rain and a lot for Vegas. We made it into Mandalay Bay along with 20,000 other runners. We hit up the bathroom, there were people throwing up and were a mess. I started feeling very sick after this. There was no way we were getting a taxi, the line was not moving. We decided to head to the Luxor, well so did everyone else. It was hot inside and I was very nauseated. Amanda was looking for flip-flops in the Luxor and I went to the bathroom to get sick. My parts also hurt so bad, I was walking silly especially with stairs. We hit up a bar so I could get a ginger ale, Amanda made me eat some pretzels, so dry and gross. We got in the taxi line and it did not move. We ended up sitting on the floor and got in trouble. This poor lady could not get up and security made her. They ended up calling an ambulance for her. Ok Eff this taxi line we decided to move on. We walked to Excalibur it was freezing. We decided to go in and get food at Dick’s last resort, well the wait was crazy. On to New York New York and nothing was appealing just wanted to get warm. Walked across the bridge to MGM and headed towards the hotel. We saw a sign of Sbarro and decided that would be dinner. It was a food court type of place and it was horrible! Glad I got Wendy’s. I started to feel a little better at this point. It was still so cold out. Finally to Planet Hollywood and back to the room. We went to bed early that night, we were all tired from the day and our extra ADL’s. Amanda had to pack, her flight left on Monday morning at 0600.

December 5th: Amanda left the room around 0400 for the airport. We slept in actually, felt AMAZING! We went to PBR rock bar for lunch and to make plans for the day. We had the same seat as the other day, which sucked cause the door opens frequently and it’s cold! Bill had to go back to the room for a long-sleeved shirt, if Bill is cold it’s COLD!  Headed out for something to do, letterboxing. Well the Belliago had 1 but there was a lot of traffic, literally it was in the driveway area. We went inside and walked around     Back out the get the letterbox and there was a gardener working where we needed to get.  Went next door to the City Center, it is massive. The boys wanted to check out Aria.  It is very nice and fancy, we didn’t stay long.   Walked to the Monte Carlo and had a drink and played a little bit. We walked  past New York New York  over to Excalibur  then over to Tropicana to look for a letterbox, which was suppose to be out front. No luck! We went in to get warm, that damn wind!  Had to check out the pool area, scoping out where to stay next time, I WILL NOT BE BACK TILL IS 100 DEGREES! I was sad about not finding any letterboxes so I made the boys go to the Pinball Hall of Fame. We took a taxi because we were not sure where the bus line was. The taxi driver and I talked about the marathon, he said next year they want to have 63,000. WTF, they could not handle the 44,000. He also told us this week is unseasonaly cold and that tonight it would be record lows at 29 degrees. We get to the Pinball Hall of Fame I got some quarters and played a bunch of games.   Royal Guard made in Jan 1968.  Robin Hood was made in 1948  Bill found his favorite machine  Went outside to look for the letterbox, FOUND IT! Called a taxi and wait around for a while, back inside though it was cold.  Found out that taxi cabs usually do not go there and there is a bus stop a block away. We walked to the bus stop hoping it was the right one. Luckily the bus showed up about 15 minutes later. The bus was full and interesting, decided I really do like to pay for convenience. We got dropped off at New York New York, it was so cold! Went in and played some   Yahtzee. Bill and I were doing well hitting the bonus games and Eric was losing, he was getting sad. Decided to head back towards the hotel again we were all cold and tired. We looked into see a show but decided we probably would not want to go back out after we got to the hotel, old people- I know. We hung out the rest of the night in our hotel, lots to do anyways. We went to Blondies for dinner, the waitress kind of sucked. I think we have horrible luck with waitresses when we are all together. I went wandering around the mall and the boys went to gamble some more. They ended up playing the big wheel for a couple of hours, the table was full by the time I came to play 😦 I played the Batman slots and was entertained for a bit. Hit up Earl’s Sandwich shop for another delicious turkey with cranberry and a cookie  went back to the room to pack for morning.

December 6th: Up and around    View from our room. We left around 0930 for the airport. Got checked in rather quickly after our bag was over weight yet again. Security line was long but also moved rather quickly. It is annoying though that people do not have their shit together in security check points. It has been years since you can not carry more than 3 oz of liquid, you have to take your shoes, belt, and sweatshirt off, coins out of your pocket, and laptops out of your carry on. DUH! There are slots in the airport and surprisingly did not even want to play only Ethel  Our flight finally left around noon and I was actually one of THOSE people  <—– Hoover Damn

I am going to end our trip here, Philly makes me angry. Home about midnight, it was a long and fun few days. I ♥ my travel buddies, we always make the most of the things.

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  1. hahaha, I enjoyed reading this. It made me laugh all over again. The videos of Bill on the bull and the room are sooo funny.

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