Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday already I can’t believe it, that means my birthday is over 😦

1. I like my birthday. I hate getting older but I do love my birthday! I get to go out to eat or have a homecooked meal made for me from all my parents. That’s alot of dinners in 1 week. that’s why I tell people I celebrate all week cause I do!
2. I love Pizza, I swear we eat the stuff about 3 times a week. That’s just plain crazy. Just so you know on Sundays we only eat Pudgies sheet pizza. No Pizza Hut Bill!
3. I havent been on a real interview in about 14 years, yes 14! I always got kind of lucky and fell into my last few jobs. Well this week I had 3 interviews in 1 day, talk about stressful!

Hope you all have a good rest of the week!

Enjoy life!

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