Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

I know you guys were all sad I didn’t post for the last 2 Wednesdays, I was lazy!

  1.  I found this shirt last week in my drawer, I had forgotten about it. It is my all time favorite shirt. It was Pete’s (my dad’s father) yup not grandpa I called him Pete. Not really sure why attached to this shirt, not really a good motto to live by. Maybe because it was the swear word it had on it, I was a weird kid. Anyways this shirt is so soft, has a few holes, and is mostly see-though but I am known to wear it from time to time.
  2. I am getting my Elk ears tonight. http://www.facebook.com/#!/bpoe62 I laughed and mocked Eric when he told me he was going to be an Elk member. I thought old smokey dirty building with old men sitting around drinking and gambling. Well I was wrong, I can admit it. The building is very nice, I actually know some of the people that hang out, and women can be members. I decided I wanted to be a member they do alot in the community and what an easy way to get involoved and meet new people.
  3. I am addicted to the olympics. I am sure I will post this again because the summer Olympics are less than 6 months away. I decided to throw my own winter games and summer games.  This years winners of the Winter Olympics!


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2 responses to “Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

  1. mom

    Elk “antlers”…silly! But I guess in your world, you can call them “ears” if you want. When I was writting on you facebook picture of “the shirt”, I had to stop and think of what you actually called Pete. Was thinking grandpa, but knew that wasn’t right. He was always “Pete”. He passed away in 1989, the same year as Pa (my dad) and Stacie (your cousin)…so it has been a long time since Pete wore that shirt!! You were a weird kid, always wanting to see the morgue and telling us that when you could drive you wanted a hearst….not sure why, but that was Jennifer!

    • Elk ears sounds sillier and annoys Eric.
      I wore the shirt as a night shirt when Pete was alive and I spent the night there. He always slept on the couch and I got to sleep with Gram.
      I still wanna go to the morgue. What an awesome job, they dont talk back and call you a peeon.

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