Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for my new treadmill. Sounds silly but that’s me!

I have a sleeping problem, I can’t sleep at night. My mom will not let me run at night and I am a big chicken, I would be freakin out the whole time thinking someone was after me. I guess I would run faster. I decided on a treadmill, which would provide no excuses. I could run anytime day or night and rain or shine. The problem with my running is that I am a once pace kind of girl. It I am running a mile or 13.1 miles I will be about 11:45 pace, that’s how I roll. I started doing ifit workout on the treadmill and it has me varying speed and incline. Did I mention I loathe hills? I hate them and usually avoid them. Not so much with this ifit thing, she has me doing 10% incline ALREADY!

I can choose different places in the world to run. Paris, Central Park, China: the places are endless. Maybe if I watch the travel channel and run I can pretend I am really there.

I know it’s probably annoying that I post my workout on Facebook it is makes me feel accountable. So if I am not posting it means I am not running. I will take any words of running wisdom, appraisal, and of course mocking for not getting my miles in. All is fair game!

 I am posting this picture because I said I would never run this race again (Red Barron) well if I keep motivated on my ifit program I defianelty got this this year!

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