Cupid’s Chase 5K


I realized that I had the night off before the Cupid Chase, went online and actually found a coupon code for a free entry to the race from I was very excited as they raised their prices to $35 before and $50 day of race. Yikes, thats alot. I will be looking for more coupon codes!

I got up on time, and actually slept very well last night (thankyou Melatonin). Found my Vday socks  and packed my running bag. I packed one of my favorite things:  Hand warners!

This is the third year running this race. I will say it is by far the warmest it has been, the first year was effin freezing.  I met Anjie in Lowman and we rode together. Got there a little after 0900. Registartion went quick. Swag bags: coupons, energy bar, water bottle, bag, bib  and shirt. I got my Unavailabe shirt  and Anjie got Availabe. She didn’t know what it meant, they let her trade it for an Unavailable.  We sat in the car till about 0945 and then wait for the race to start. Looked at the map to figure out where to start. Yup, same as the years before  it’s a cute park with a nice 5K course with a small incline towards the end.

The races started at 1000. My music was so loud, it was driving me crazy. Then this damn Charlie was running ahead of me and stopped all of a sudden to take a picture. Really a picture during a 5K, why? For some reason I get so annoyed by “those people” that run fast then walk. I passed  a few of the same people multiple times, why not try and keep a steady pace. GRRRR

My music actually scared me a 1 point it was so loud, I had to stop and turn it down. I was not feeling well about my time, felt slow: lungs hurt and legs felt heavy. Got towards the end and was able to see the clock. Sweet 32 minutes, I thought I was more like a 35 minutes today. Sped up as much as I could and finished strong 32:53

 Home and freezing!

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