What does friends mean to you? Cause I thought I knew but of course I was wrong!

If you know me well enough I like to plan things to do and I like to invite most people. The more the merrier sometimes. I am usually prepared for any situation to make the most of our fun. Well this past weekend put Eric and I over the edge. Seriously we are done! We allow people into our home and pretty much do as they please: drink our beer, eat our food, sleep wherever, and even allow for random underwear to be under the furniture. I think people take advantage of us and it is going to stop. It really sucks that we have true friends that respect our home, help to pick up things, keep the peace, and try to keep the fun going. While on the other side it REALLY REALLY sucks that we have “friends” that leave a mess, fight inside and outside of the house, and act like assholes. If you are feeling guilty as you read this: GOOD! I really wanna say go fuck yourself!!! apologizes can only go so far your actions mean a lot more to us than some stupid words that anyone can muster up to say if need be.

I cant figure out people act this way. I know beer is usually involved but that’s an easy excuse. We are all old enough to handle our alcohol, we have been doing it for a long time now. Could it be that fact that most of our “friends” still live with their parents. Grow the Fuck up. Do you treat their houses that way? Having a home consists more than a mortgage, it takes work to keep a home maintained. Eric and I both work a lot of hours to have nice things and people come over than literally fuck it up in  15 minutes of being through the front door.

Take from this what you may: Get angry and think I am a bitch (trust me you will not be the first to think that or the last), feel guilty, show your support, or blow it off; Whatever I spoke my peace and trust me actions speak louder that words.

Peace out!


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2 responses to ““friends”

  1. Marcy

    People like that are NOT friends! They have no respect for property or the hospitality thats offered them. I have known people like this and they blame their rude, destructive behavior on booze….nice cop out….AND it might work the first time. Shame on them. The second time around? Shame on you.
    I’d ask them for $ to repair it.
    I know how you feel.

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