Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

Yay, it’s Wednesday again and I have the rest of the week off. Yeah buddy!

  1. I love little Caesars, just saw a commercial and I need crazy bread. I was able to order 2 boxes from a school fund raiser, can’t wait for it to come in. Seriously, Eric and I have drove to Cortland just to get crazy bread. True story!
  2. I love my bike, I bought it last year and I cant wait to get out use it more. Antionette and I just went for an 8 mile bike ride.
  3. I hate children playing basketball for hours. Those damn neighbor kids thats all they do. I am hoping by end of summer I have a new collection of basketballs, I got 1 that they left in my yard, they have been warned. ha ha I am the crazy old mean neighbor lady, I just need to get a moo-moo.

Happy Wednesday, enjoy the rest of your week.

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One response to “Wild & Wacky Wednesdays

  1. hahaha, omfg… you HAVE turned into the mean neighbor lady. I’m going to look for a moo moo for you this weekend and some house slippers.

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