Save the ta-tas!

So today was the Susan G Komen race for the cure.  

I know some people have a problem with the Susan G Komen foundation as evidence of last years situation with pulling money from planned parenthood and then later recanting due to public demand. I get that but this is not about that. Today was a day for young and old, male and female, healthy and sick to show support for such a brutal disease that effected all of us. It was very emotional to see everyone in pink showing support for breast cancer awareness. Everyone was their for different reason but ultimately it was to bring a face to breast cancer.  This was my first year doing this race and I will be doing it again and again, well if I am in town 😉

 The start of the race, they said there were over 3,000 people running or walking! The course   which was flat ♥

 Waiting to start with Sue and friend  It was kind of hot and muggy but nice to see all the spectators cheering us on along the way. I finished around 33:10 ish, I dont wear a watch- I am just happy I am moving and not still sleeping.

  <—————- Loving my new socks!

Ethel wanted to run but it was too warm to carry that flee-loader around, she showed her support from the car

So remember to support a great cause when you can and remember to Feel your boobies!

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