I have been very lazy with my post and thought I would wait till today to start again. If you know me at all you know how much I LOVE the Olympics. Well it is finally here London 2012. I am trying to remember when I fist started liking the Olympics and why. My first memories of the Olympics are Mary Lou Retton. I actually just loo the date up because I couldn’t remember but she dominated the 1984 LA Olympics in gymnastics. I was 4 years old so I am not sure if I watched it but  remember the name and when I was a tiny tumbler I wanted to be just like her.

My next memory was the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with the Dream Team. I had all their trading cards and knew their names. I believe Mike brain washed me as a kid, having me watch Larry Bird all the time.  I wonder if I still have those cards at Mike’s house?

I also remember Janet Evans and Summer Sanders competing in the Olympics that year for swimming. Thus creating my swimming “career”.

We went to Barcelona last summer and seeing the old Olympic buildings were a highlight for me.

In 1996 the Olympics were in Atlanta and my mom and Mike went. I remember being jealous and wanting to go but I was 16 and in summer school. They brought me back Izzy hmmm wonder if that’s still at Mike’s house too?

Okay I could go on and on now and I won’t bore you with my OBSESSION with Michael Phelps, Dora Torres, Ryan Lochte, Natalie Coughlin, and the list goes on and on.

The Olympics starts tonight and will continue for 17 days. I will have it on at the house, be turning my confused pts TV’s to it at work, checking the internet, and completely engrossed until closing ceremonies. I will watch anything and everything Olympics. Yup Even Curling in the Winter games.

I am amazed how the world can come together and put on such huge event. These athletes have prepared their entire lives for this moment and they deserve our respect.

 Go Molly!

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  1. mom

    Will have to post Olympic 96 pictures. Wondering about izzy too??

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