night shift

D3 has been my home for the last 10 years. I did leave for a small stint on rehab but came back as soon as I could. I started at St. Joe’s back in August 2002. Angie got me the job. I had no hospital experience and worked as an per diem nurses aid. I learned on the job. I remember my first morning and some patient threw-up her eggs on me. Later that day a patient asked for a breathing treatment so I told the unit clerk to call (as that is what the nurse told me to do) inside I was freaking out. Why are people just hanging around, this person said he can’t breathe. I quickly learned if they are talking they are breathing. 2 years later I became an LPN and started full time on night shift.I worked with some of the best nurses, I learned so much! I have many stories good and bad but over all D3 has been my home. For the most part I would not change anything about the past 10 years, I have made some great friends and resources throughout the hospital. Working nights takes a “special” person and I can honestly say that the crew on nights at St. Joe’s is amazing.

Why I am writing all this? Well I got a new job. I am starting in the GI lab this week. This is totally out of my element which is really hard for me in the work setting. Most of my life I would like to think I am mostly outside the box trying new things but for some reason I have kept my work life the same. I am not sure why I decided it is time, but it is. I am excited to meet new co-workers, learn new nursing skills, and become part of the land of the living.

So I just wanted to say thank you to all the co-workers that I have come to admire, respect, and cherish our time together (good and bad). I have learned so much, Thank you!

Few random d3 moments:

“you can wipe your own ass”

“put pressure on your penis”

“I am sure it will not be the first or the last time someone poops in my face”

“working at the car wash…”


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3 responses to “night shift

  1. Michelle Berbary

    Best of Luck to the best damn nurse I know. Change is scary as hell but you got this 🙂 BTW you forgot “Death Danishes”

  2. Lorene

    I will miss you!!!

  3. Jen, reading the above I must say that your working life has changed from time to time—aide to LPN to RN ( and a darn good one I MUST SAY).
    I have always informed staff that when the time comes to make a change–one will do so when it is right. You are truly right about those “SPECIAL” night staff–I have worked nights and quickly realized that the shift was not for me and how much I respect all of those that do work that shift.
    You will do well with your new challenges–this I am sure!! The GI staff is remarkable and will make sure you know the routine and will guide you staright.
    Thank you for all of the hard work that you did on D3–it is a very hard unit to work–many difficult patients, challenges and changes! You did your best despite these obstacles and I have no doubt you will do well in the GI lab.

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