things happen for a reason

I had a hard time getting up today and was not feeling it. I made it to work and was able to watch a few procedures, which was very overwhelming! There was a nursing student and she drove me crazy: asking stupid, YES stupid questions, and she touched me. I know no question is stupid but her first one was legit STUPID! I have so much to learn in the GI lab, it was a lot to take today.  I knew I would learn some new things but not this detailed. I like to learn new things but I will admit I feel a little in over my head this week with school and work. I can’t wait for that day when I feel like things have clicked and I feel more comfortable at work.

On the way home I got in a car accident on Madison Ave bridge. I am ok and the people in the other car are too! My front bumper needs replacing. Per Megan, “it was faded anyways”. I called the police and they were quick and filled out our paper work. The lady that rear-ended was so nice. We were both ok and it was an accident. The cop left after he got my license plate of the bridge for me and I broke down. Called my mom crying, I will always need my mom! My freak fest started early. I told my mom that I think I was going to quit school before I got too invested. I feel to overwhelmed with school, work, and change of hours. My mom talked me into going to class tonight and decide what I wanted to do after some more thought. I hurried home grabbed a drink and snack and took Eric’s car to class, crying to Eric and most of the way there.

Hence the title things happen for a reason. I am glad I went to class and it actually helped. I have a “friend”, where as last week I thought all the girls were clickie. I know most of them are but I do have someone now that’s a normal adult student. The teacher was there tonight, he had to miss the first class. I like him a lot. Something about him is all good!

Out lesson tonight was about change. How appropriate right?

Johnson’s Change Skills:

  1. anticipating change
  2. taking new action now
  3. moved beyond fear
  4. imaging real success

Be brave… it’s worth it!

I could actually relate this topic to my life. So please try to put up with me. I am working through a change process to become the best person I can be!


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4 responses to “things happen for a reason

  1. Jen, you are a very brave person! Hang in there, things will get easier! Missing you on the night shift:(

  2. mom

    You are brave….love you!

  3. Mary Noble

    Jen…..gonna keep this short and sweet…..You are AMAZING….and don’t forget it. You absolutely have the talent and the motivation. I’m sure a little birdie said to me once……you got this!!!!!!! I know you do. Miss you my friend 🙂

  4. Anjeanette Donovan

    I agree things happen for a reason. You have had a lot of changes lately for the better. Just relax take it one day at a time. You amaze with your ability to “keep swimming”!!! Whether it’s school, work or fun you have not failed yet at your goal to go all the way!!! Before you know it school will be over, and you will be asking your self how the hell did I do that, ( i do all the time). School is about perseverance and that you have plenty of!!!! Take care, I am here if you need anything. ( I actually enjoy statistics)

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