I have been neglecting my blog due to school work, but I decided I needed to get back to it. Maybe it will be therapeutic to write about nonsense and destress.

I have been called a middle class label whore before. Which I guess I could agree with. There are certain products that I do enjoy and only buy. Well the same person that called me the middle class label whore worked at Aldi’s. Yup, you know who you are! I asked how the food was one day and she told me most products were great and how much money I could save. So one cold February Day (yup, I remember this cause it was freezing and it was just after the Superbowl) I went to  Aldi’s to get pepperoni and it was $0.39 for a bag.

So each time I went I bought a few more things trying stuff out. Fit & Active is a popular brand and I buy the popcorn, yogurt, cold meat, and snacks. I also buy fresh fruits and veggies. Seriously that bag of bananas cost $0.44 for the entire bag!

I buy meat: ground beef, chicken breasts, and ground turkey.

Eric picks on me but he LOVES the crackers, he does not want Ritz crackers anymore.

Amanda also picks on me but she Loves the honey wheat pretzels that I buy. I will give in and say I did buy shampoo and conditioner the night before she came to visit and it was ghetto of me. I was not feeling well and only wanted to stop at one place and wanted food to feed my guest. I do promise not to buy that stuff again. I do have limits, peanutbutter has to be JIF and I need my diet Pepsi.

I like that fact that you have to pay $0.25 for a shopping cart, but you get it back when you take your cart back. AWESOME concept, no shopping carts all over the parking lot.

I am getting use to using my debit card and paying the $1.00. They do not accept credit cards, which help to keep the prices lower due to no fees.

You have to bag your own food which is fine by me. I am picky I like certain things together. I rock my big thirty-one bag and it usually hold everything which is always a cart full. Quick shout out to thirty-one for the great big strong bag that allows me to only make one trip carrying on my groceries.

So today I went and spent $70.43  which was a fairly cheap for what I bought. My cart was about half way full and it had 3 packages of meat, frozen pizza, veggies, and a bunch of random toiletries (I will talk about this later in the week)

The aisles kind of annoy me, I know I am so weird. There is an odd number so it is awkward and traffic flows poorly sometimes.

The cashiers are always friendly, quick, don’t tell me their whole life story. <—- this happens to me at Tops almost every time. I so don’t care that you haven’t seen your dad in 10 years and that your boyfriend beat you up. I will say the people in the mornings 0730 ish are very nice and friendly. Also at Tops the people with 2 FULL carts with all name branded things spilling out the top using their food stamps card really effin piss me off. I also had a man in front of me tell the cashier that he did not have a tops bonus card cause he didn’t care how much his bill is “I don’t pay for my groceries anyways.” Well as you all know of course I said something, “Thanks ASSHOLE, I work 2 jobs because of people like you. Getting a fucking free bonus card and save me a few bucks.”

Well I am sure you are glad you know about my Aldi’s obsession now, sorry I wasted 2 minutes of your life reading this but maybe I will save you some cash money!

I will leave you with a picture of my favorite Aldi’s foods



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