sad soul

There are always events that stand out and today will ever be embeded in my mind. I was staying over at work and happend to look on MSN homepage. BREAKING NEWS: 2 EXPLOSIONS AT BOSTON MARATHON. My heart sank! When I think of the Boston marathon I think of dedication, determination, and a tradition. The Boston marathon is the oldest running anual marathon in the world. It was started in 1897 and has grown into a world wide event. The Boston marathon has qualifying standards in order to be able to run, and the best of the best lead the pack down the streets of Boston.

I am by far a consistant runner but as much as I say I hate it, my heart really does love to run. The commitment of a marathon is much more than the 26.2 miles in a single run. It requires a detailed and strict schedule in order to obtain results. Believe me I know! I have a tendounce to half ass alot of things and running is something I like to half ass. My training is sparatic: I often show up last minute for a race, and usually was out the night before or even had a few before a race (Las Vegas half marathon). I tell myself atleast I am not home on the couch. Well I did try to run a marathon a failed epically. I really learned from that FREEZING cold day in October and vow to be fully commited next time I sign up for a marathon. Ok enough about me, I got side tracked like usual!

I can not imagine why there is so much hate in the world. There are runners from 96 countries competing in the Boston marathon. Why runners? For most runners it is a life long goal to be able to run in the Boston marathon. Getting up in the ass crack of dawn to get the miles in before performing normal daily tasks. Spending money on races, travel, and running gear. Having their thighs rub raw or the nipples bleed through their shirt. Injuries that could hault their running. Mental walls, that stop a runner in their tracks. All that sounds appeal huh? Well I know their is a running high and it is worth the bleeding nipples and wearing a boot to bed (plantar fascitis).

Bombing the finish line of a marathon just does not make sense. I know all bombing do not make sense but for some reason this hits me hard today. The families that stand for hours waiting to see a glimpse of the loved one running by to show support.
I just read that an 8 year old is confirmed dead.

Sorry for my random thoughts, I just thought I needed to say something.

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