I think I might have ADD

Many of you know I ran a half marathon today. Well on my run I was trying to figure myself out. I came to the conclusion that I might have a touch of ADD. I have to many crazy ideas running around in this awesome mind of mine. I started out thinking about why I was running this race with absolutely no training. True story I did not even bother to print a training schedule. Usually I do at least print it and look and do a few of the runs, nope not this time. I had a lot of excuses in my head prior to the race for not training: me knees hurt, lack of time, just didn’t give a fuck, etc….

So on this run I decided that I have too many hobbies: running, biking, swimming, paintball, kayaking, skating, drinking, zumba, aquazumba,  working, school. Just so many things I like to do that its to hard to pick one and commit to it.

Once I am out there and find my pace I really do enjoy my alone time too bad I can’t focus my thought on something constructive like school work or world peace.

Has anyone ever had pretzel M&M’s? They are AMAZING!


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