I Will

I have always been one to want to do a little bit of everything. The problem with this is I seem to half-ass most things in my life so I can fit it all in. I feel like I have too many hobbits yet not enough, as I always want to try something else. Over the years I have picked up a lot of different interest and wish I had enough hours in the day to do them all regularly. I miss the 4 wheeler mud runs that I would go on with my dad and brother. The girls paintball team I played with for a summer. Swimming laps in the pool feeling like it is meant to be. Rollerblading with my boys without a care of getting hurt trying to be one of the guys. Kayaking with friends down the river with limited time. Being obsessed about finding letterboxes anywhere and everywhere. Carving stamps and looking for new hiding places. Riding my bike to work in the morning without a care in the world.
For the last year I have been going to zumba and other random exercise classes a few times a week. I feel like over the past 6 months I have not been half-assing this. I enjoy going to these classes because it gets my butt moving, my heart pumping, and I now have a great group of workout friends. I have been known to be a loner at times, especially when running, but I like that I get to see my friends so often even if we are sweating our boobs off and can’t talk because we are out of breathe. We still get to spend that hour together a few times a week. I feel like we have become a team: to cheer each other on, hold one another accountable, and just have fun! I think I took this all for granted at first, since I do not have children I have to luxury of not really worrying about how I spend my time away from home. I am sure it is exhausting for parents to find the time with all their other responsibilities. I was talking to a friend one night and she told me what another friend said about going to workout. “It’s awesome to know that someone will be there, regardless of the class at least one of the girls will be there to workout.” This felt good to know that we could be that support system for a friend. Another friend mentioned last week that my life has seemed to turn into making health and fitness the core of hanging out so we can have fun later.
I am going to let it go that I half-ass many things and just get shit done from now on. No more talking about it because I will just do it! (Under Armour + Nike= priceless) I am going to make the most of my time and continue to enjoy the time with my new great circle of friends.

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