We are family


I have always held my friends near and dear to my heart. They are the family that we can choose to have. I know through the years I have had some friends come and gone and even make their way back. I have also picked up a handful of new amazing people to add to my family. I know my group of friends are amazing but they went above and beyond this past week. A near dear sweet little Antionette (netty, taco, Ant) ran into a bit of a cold spell. She lost heat on the coldest week of January. She sat at home that first night in the cold huddled with her son and toughed it out. NOT once did she complain on facebook or pass her negativity on to another. She held her head high and just did what she needed to do to get shit done. 

I decided that our family of friends could possibly help. So I sent out a message with a little help from “The Boss” (Kristen). In 5 days we collected a crap load of money for our spicy little friend. In doing so we were nervous that she would be mad at us for asking others for help. We decided it’s fine she can get mad at us as long as she gets some help. We collected $1,100.

We presented the money to her last night. I do believe she was in shock. #1 because the amount of the donations and #2 because she didn’t know anything about it.

All week as the money rolled in I was overwhelmed by the amount of love this crazy group of people have for each other. It is good to know that there are people out there that do have your back and always will.

So I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my friends for being the people that you are and I am glad that I have gotten to choose you all into my family. Here is to many good times, family dinners, crazy adventures, and tough times too.   


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