Blanche & Ethel

Why flamingos you ask?

Well I was in Baltimore vistiting Amanda looking for a wedding dress. After we went shopping we met the boys for lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise: They were starting a photo contest with a pink lawn flamingo. We decided that we needed 2 of those AWSOME flamingos.  We had to sign them out and pay a $5 deposit, which would be returned when the flamingos were returned.  The conest ends May 31, 2010 with online submitted photos.

We decided our birds needed some cool old lady names, hence Blanche (amanda’s) and Ethel (mine) were born.

 Our first night our flaminogs went to an 80’s Birthday party.    I know we look totally RAD!    

  Our new family!

First night out Blanche turned into a dirty whore, she ended up in the men’s room

Then they attened my Bridal shower:      Cake or Cock?  Blanche was teaching Ethel her dirty ways  and then Tammy gotta hold of her

Ethel went to Atlatic City for the weekend for Weez’s 30th bday:            Eric was HUNGOVER!   St. Patty’s Day parade.

Blanche to Coasta Rica: I dont have any of Blanche in Costa Rica, sorry!

Ethel went to the jackals game:  

Ethel is ready for Easter, which means Dyngus day on Monday:      

The girls met up and again and went to Niagra Falls for my bachelorette party:              

April 23, 2010: Ocean City 1/2 Marathon, yup the girls ran 13.1 miles:

May 12, 2010: Wedding day 

and then they played in Aruba for the week:

June 12, 2010: Recpetion: My glasss for the reception    

June 19, 2010: Cardboard boat regetta:

July 4th, 2010: Happy 4th of July! 

 Ethel and Bowtie heading to Baltimore for Jimmy Buffett concert:  the big Flamingo is was Roger; Chubs killed him @ a party 1 night 😦    The girls love Jimmy!

Sept 2010: Iceland. Only Blanche went (eric would not let Ethel go)   

Halloween 2010:

November 25, 2010: Ethel ran a 5K, Sayre Turkey Trot and then played around afterwards        oh and we made the Sayre Paper.  

December 11, 2010: Ethel ran the It’s a Wonderful Run 5K in Seneca Falls.

 Atlantic City 2011

 Las Vegas, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Feb 18th, 2011

 Ethel and Kunta at The Country Tavern  ethel working the stripper pole at O.D. Mars

Contest results 2010:

Find Molly the flamigo on facebook:

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