I love concerts, we seem to go to a few a year. The thing is we like everything so all concerts are fair game!

 September 2, 2010: Jimmy Buffett Big Top Tour, Bristow, VA. Part of me wants to make a entire page dedicated to Buffett, and to warn you I still might! I have been to alot of concerts and all different types of concerts. By far Jimmy Buffett is my FAV! It is something you have to experience for yourself, it can not be explained.

In 2001 Mike (my stepdad) took me to my very first Buffett concert in Vegas. From that day on I was hooked to Buffett and Vegas- thank you Mike!

 August 12, 2006: My next Buffett show was in Boston, I talked Eric into going and yup he was now hooked too. We went to Fenway too and got seats on the green moster, just had to throw that in! (ha ha my hair looks sweet)

June 20, 2007:  Joe, Jess, my mom, amanda, Eric and I went to Pittsburgh to see Buffett. I made more parrotheards. Eric and I also went to see him again the same year in Atlantic City(I lost my camera no pictures).

 July 20, 2008:  Amanda, my mom, Eric and I back in Pitssburgh. I missed the following year, I had to work and Amanda went without me 😦

 September 2, 2010: Amanda, Rob, Roger, Sissy, and I got to see Buffett in Bristow, VA. Our tent offered free breast glittering and temporary tattooing. The tattoos went over very well! 

The entire thing about Buffett is tailgaiting, ANYTHING goes! We have seen flat bed trucks with sand and professional sound systems, portable tent potties, a giant shark that people were having sex in, guys in speedos, buses of people, great food, margarittas, lots of beer, and a whole bunch of other crazy things. The tailgaiting starts ealry and the concert usually starts about 2000 and he plays till about 2300. The music is great and Jimmy can still rock it (he was born December 25, 1946) If you have never been YOU NEED TO GO! IF you have been you need to go back.

August 7, 010: Mayhem Tour 2010 Pittsburgh, PA. This is a list of the bands that played at Mayhem 2010. I would love to say I saw them all but not so much.

 We got burnt and found a chill spot in a bar at the concert. The bar provided shade, $11 bud lights, close to the bathroom, close to the spray tent, and near the football and basketball game. These games cost a $1 and you could win STP tickets for Aug 28th show, lawn seats. Weez won 4 and Eric won 1. Weez gave 1 away and we still have 4.   Well Amanda and I ventured out of the bar for about 30 minutes and headed right back till main stage. The boys were out most of the show. Weez got some great pictures of the silver stage and jagermeister stage.


Main stage: 5 finger death punch, Lamb of god, Rob Zombie, and Korn!


August 4th: Tag’s summer stage: (

Candlebox and Bret Michael’s

We (me, Eric and Weez) got to Tag’s at 5:45, we thought it started at 6. WRONG! 7:30 so we sat outside a had a few drinks in the park and entertained ourselves.

We met Tammie and Danny oustide on our way into the show. Had to buy tickets (this is the worse thing about Tag’s) 4 draft beer tickets for $19. There was a pretty good sized crowd. Candlebox played alot of cover songs but were good. Bret Michael’s actually rocked it. People seemed to really enjoy him. Here are a bunch of pictures from the show.


What is your  favorite Bret Michael’s or Candlebox song?

July 29, 2010: Troy Fair.

Joe and Anjie picked us up at 6. Weez and I had monster and pineapple Cruzin.    Well kind of, it was really hard to get the rum into the Monster. We get to the Troy Fair and had to pay $7 to get in. We start walking to pick up our tickets. Joe and Anjie got some dinner. Weez and I went to ride rides.

       The bear affair, what a great ride! Weez was spinning and spinning and spinning us. Contiued to walk around looking for beer. We asked a bunch of Carnies “No beer, it’s pennsylvania. You can not buy it at the fair.” At this point we are not happy! We walked back towards the stadium and got suckered into spending way too much money on carnies games. We did win a pink monkey and a yellow banana.

The line to the show was crazy long and not moving. Sat for a bit with Joe and Anjie and I had a pretzel. the pretzel cost $3.50, cheese dip $0.50 and water $1.00. I gave the girl a twenty and she said, “your change is $15” then looks at  the other worker and asked her if that is right. Ok people Simple math, this drives me crazy!

Joey and Rory start palying and we finally get into the show. Our seats were in the grandstand were horrible, we were the last seats in the row, which means we could not get out without making EVERYONE move. We decided to sit towards the top where it was empty. Weez and I went done to the “floor” ha ha made of sawdust. I bought a shirt. We watched Joey & Rory.

     I can’t believe I didn’t get an outfit like this. Next time! 

     When they finished we went back to the fair. We raced each other on the Super Slide, is where it’s at! That was a blast and I think I won by a nose. We kept talking about beer so I made a bet with Weez. Who ever says the word beer first has to buy the first round at the fieldhouse.  after about an hour Weez tricked me. I am slow!

Hey what are we doing later?”

“We are going to the fieldhouse”


“To hang out with Chubs and have a drink

“What are we going to drink?”

“beer! Oh shit you suck”

  This praying mantes landed on my back at the fair, how crazy is that! then the next day I found  in my back yard!

We went on Zero Gravity, that ride that spins you reall fast and gravity makes you stuck against the ride. Well this carnie trapped us on this ride for about 10 minutes. The family across the ride looked all pale and sick by the time we stopped. Weez and I were also sick. I felt car sick. We went back up to the grandstands. Hedi was STILL playing, this lady played forever. Then there was a break and we all decided to go get more food. Weez got 2 pieces of pizza, an Elephant ear and fried reese cups.    

 I got pizza and fried dough. Daryl started to play, well actually talk FOREVER. He would sing a song and then talk 10 minutes, sing, talk, repeat. We decided to leave early YEAH!!!! On the rdie home Weez and I felt car sick again. We eneded up getting back before the bar closed but sat on my back porch laughing and feeling sick.

July 8, 2010: Weez and I met Joe and Anjie so we could all ride to Canandaigua to see Zac Brown band. Stopping at Burger King on the way . Opps too much ketchup, I am use to eating with Eric.  . I realized half way there that I forgot about going to the ATM so I only  had $8 on me.  WHO DOES THAT? Yeah and 2 trolley tickets, I thought about scalping them. Joe and Weez were picking on me for having no money and my response being “I have a beer full of coolers”.  So we get to Canandaigua at 1945 and the concert starts at 2000, there was a huge line of cars and limited pre-concert drinking time. Anjie suggested that we pull down the back seat of the car and get in the cooler to grab a bud light . Weez and I tried for about 10 minutes with no such luck. The giggles are starting! Weez looks down and saw this   and asked “what is that little guy”. I laugh and tell him that it is a picture of a car seat. My brother adds in the fact that he is the only 1 with a kid, he should know that. Now we are entertaining ourselves. Angie tells us to just get out and open the trunk, I would have but the people behind us must think we are “special” because we are looking at the back seat and pulling on it for about 10 minutes, laughing. We finally get through the intersection and turn to another road and sit in another line. This point I get out of the car. Joe is messing with me and would not open the trunk. I get some Bud Light, yeah!!!   We get to the stadium, it is so HOT! Poor Anjie being very pregnant and her swollen ankles. We are glad we have general admission, as we sit in the lawn with more room. It is not really cooling off any but we


 are having a blast! We had to switch to Coors light, the silver bullet.  Weez and I devised a system for maximum beer drinking time during the show.

The show starts Zac Brown plays some songs with his opening groups. We heard Joey & Rory for the first time. Lovin their song: Cheater, Cheater. Check out the video on You tube (cause you guessed it and I can not figure out how to put it on here)
Zac Brown Band website:  They were great playing some new songs and cover songs. Good show, highly recommend seeing them sometime. Weez and I bought some ZBB shirts to rock out at race night, yup we are turning country! I also bought this onsie for the baby. “cold milk on a Friday night” I am so going to be the best aunt, EVER!
    THANK YOU to Anjie for driving us home. Ok finally home about 0100. And guess what? I still had  $5 left!  

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