Joe and Anjie (my future sister-in-law) introduced letterboxing to me last year. They told me about the site: http://www.letterboxing.org/ This site gives clues to letterboxes all over the world. There is a better site: http://www.atlasquest.com/ which allows you to sign in as a member (free) and keep track of your boxes and when the last time someone found the box. I really like this site and found it very helpful, so check it out!  I have a tendency sporadically want to look for them. Since I have 6 weeks off this summer I thought it would be a great way to get out and see things while looking for the great little “treasures”.  My first box was found in Eldridge park last April. I was a little disappointed by the stamp. Then I went to Ireland and made poor Erica and Amanda search the country side for letterboxes, we did not find any! We did leave one at the Muckross house in Killarney Ireland. My next box was found in Baltimore’s Patterson park, Babe Ruth. I forgot about letterboxing over the winter and decided to look for them in Aruba, I had directions for 3. We did find 1 at Baby Beach in Aruba.  Which now leads us to present day…..

July 10, 2010: Newfield NY, Covered bridge letterbox found. Very easy find and neat site to learn about the covered bridge. Stamp is awesome.  kind of big though.

July 12, 2010: This letterbox has 3 parts. I set out at Chapel Park in Pine City, NY.  I was unable to find the box 1 &2, but was able to locate #3.  This letterbox was fun because the clues all rhymed. So if you are ever in the area check out this park. There is a paved track, baseball field, tennis court, and new playground, and trails in the woods.


July 13, 2010: Sperr Memorial Park, Big Flats NY. It was made in honor of NY’s fallen law enforcement. In March of 2006  State Trooper Andrew Sperr was fatally shot by to armed robbers. He was able to injure both suspects, before losing his life.  What a great park to honor all law enforcement men and women that risk their lives to help others. This box has people leave items and take items. I decided to get a stamp for the box. I found a blue ink pad and a Thank You stamp. I just wanted to say Thank you to all of NY’s law enforcement agents.


I decided to look for another box. Big Flats Community Park. This box was easy to find, a nice trail through the park around the pond to the pavilion. Finding some birch trees and a large cement block. This box is part of a series called Piggies in the park. This is #2. WEAR BUG SPRAY, I GOT TORE UP!


July 14, 2010: Tanglewood Nature Center. There are a few different letterbox series here. We went with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” series. This series follows Eric Carle’s children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The first 4 stamps are located on the Whitetail trail (0.43 miles)

stamp #1  Cover   

 Stamp #2 Moonlight 

Stamp #3 POP!     

Box #4 The search begins. We found a hitchhiker in this box. It was called Good for your eyes or for a snowman’s nose. It was a cute little carrot. This Hitchhicker was started in Portland, Oregon. Janet and I still have this and are waiting for a great place to put this stamp back into play.

We start on the next set of the series. This trail is Yellow Warbler trail (1.01 mile) We could not find the box 5 (apple), I think the clues were backwards at first. We did find another stamp from a different series, the Rock Icon. We finished off this series finding to box 9. We will have to continue our search for the remaining boxes another day.

July 20, 2010: NCLEX day for Janet.  I hate this building and vowed to never come back after last year. Well I made an exception for Janet. So of course she was freaking out when she came back out in less than an hour, answering 75 questions. I took her for a MUCH needed drink! Thank god for Uno’s.  That is Janet in her test taking shirt. Well off to distract her because you have to wait 48 hours for results. We decided to go letterboxing A-L-O-N-G  17  series c. We parked in Owego and walked the riverfront park about 4 times with no luck, very nice views though. Set out for Box 2. We found it at the Tioga Center fairgrounds. It was hidden very well in a tree. It is called “And they’re off”


   unable to find this box in St. Patrick’s cemetery, bummer, but we looked for a while.

Box #5 “Cool Lickin” this box was passed an old ice-cream shop and in the woods under a tree. This person really liked putting these boxes far into the woods. We got tore up! There were 6 boxes in this series and we found 2.

On to Nichols: At the fishing access/boat ramp we found wild roses. Koodos to Janet, she climbed under a nasty tree where a lot of strange animals could have been living.

We stop at the ice-cream shop to ask about some directions, unable to get help. Figured it out with sprint navigation. Went to look for our next box, unable to find. We moved on and found 1 near the elementary school. Heading towards home we found our last on of the day: The Asbury Church 1822. An old church with an old cemetery around it.

 This is a weird-looking headstone. Well dropped Janet off to shower and get changed so we could go out. She was full distracted all day, my job was complete!

We met Jennilee, Rob, and Lindsay out   Look at the RN’s. Yes, Lindsay and Janet passed! So proud of you girls.

July 25, 2010:   

To Harris hill. Unable to find the Elieen Collins letterbox but was able to find the Thomas Crown Affair. If you set out to find this bring stamping markers, it will be worth it. This stamp was based on the 1999 movie (which was a re-make) Check out the movie, I guess there are scenes from the Elmira-Corning regional airport.   

July 26, 2010: Eldridge Park. In search for Piggies in the park #3 and #4. Unable to find #3, did look for a while and did find #4. This box was wet and muddy to get to. I thought I could salvage the logbook, nope! I will place a new logbook in very soon. I did re-wrap the stamp. Then I found The “Elmira Express”- Ernie Davis box. This path I do not think I would have ever went on and it is very nice. For some reason I am smart enough to buy bug spray and stamp markers but not smart enough to use either. Oh and did I mention I keep wearing me new white sneakers on the adventures too, duh, not so white any more.

        I also made a hitchhiker today, called Flip-Flops all over the world. A stamp and a logbook with no home. It travels with letterboxers and looks for new places to hang out. It is a store-bought stamp, boo I know!

July 27, 2010: Me, Janet, Jade, and Champ (their dog) headed out this morning to finish The Very Hungry Caterpillar (written and illustrated by Eric Carle) series 3. This series follows the Bluebird trail (1.70 miles). We really liked this trail, it was in the woods and up and down hill.  We were able to find all of the boxes and go back to find the apples we could not find last week.


  After hiking a large incline we stopped for “lunch” Janet made peanutbutter and Jelly sandwiches and brought pringle sticks. I brought blueberries. What a great little lunch in the shade. Much need energy to finish up our adventure.

After Janet drove to Harris hill to look for the Famous Elmira: Eileen Collins (the one I could not find on Sunday) Of course she found it for me. Oh, I learned how to use the compass too, Thanks Janet!

August 3, 2010: Caton, NY : I took Jake and Marrisa on their first letterboxing adventure.  Magaret E. Smyers Memorial Park. We found Caton Fruit Basket (18 fruit and counting…), Zoology, and The legend of Zelda (8/9 found)


August 10, 2010: Fairshake, Pine City. Icecream and letterboxing, what could be better?!!?         Great spot Janet and Jade!

                          August 11, 20 11: Dryden, NY. The Willow Glen Cemetery. This letterbox was called Coulrophobia. A great hiding spot in an old sweet looking tree. They used camo duct tape over a ziplock bag, great idea. According to Wikipedia Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. The log book looked like the outside of a coffin.

  August 13, 2010: I made my first hand carved stamp. Looks pretty good from the picture right, well if you think about it when you stamp it the lettering will be backwards, yup that is me backwards. I was so proud of myself that I could not get rid of it, plus that stuff is Expensive $$. So I decided to say screw it and if people don’t like it, oh well. I have not planted this box yet but will be very soon. I decided to call my box Elmira Treasures #1 and continue to place boxes around Elmira to highlight some hidden treasures of the area.

        Happy hunting! Planted August 16, 2010. For clues to find this letterbox:  http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=152961

      August 14, 2010: Couldn’t sleep so why not find a letterbox? Church Hill Letterbox in Pine City, NY. Nice little park. What a freakin hike up that hill though. Easy find, more of a geocaching book, no stamp found, so I used a plastic heart-shaped thing that was in the box. I left afterbite wipes, dang skeeters anyways!

         August 16, 2010: Couldn’t sleep so I carved another stamp. It is not the best looking or most detailed but it is hand carved by me!  Elmira Treasures #2, which I planted in Brand Park. I decided to go with the Labrador Duck http://www.chemunghistory.com/labradorduck.html I learned on the Trolley ride that this duck was last seen at the spot now know as Brand park and the duck is now extinct. For clues to find this box: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=152963

        August 20, 2010: Heading to Sayre to meet my mom, Donnie, and Bam for lunch. Thought I would look for a letterbox or 2. So I like to pretend that I know where I am going when I am in Sayre and Waverly. I somehow found the old Waverly High School, after driving around for a little bit. It is now a public park, with a some benches and and a gazeboo. Wolfie likes to groove -or- when harry met hair. Then I went to Sayre and found the Leigh Valley’s Black Diamond letterbox.             I think David is driving this train!

 August 20, 2010: Couldn’t sleep when I got out of Bernies so why not carve a stamp, LOSER i know. Elmira Treasure #3 is made because of a “famous Elmiran” George French, the inventor of French’s mustard. http://www.chemunghistory.com/mainpages/gfrench.html The French family happened to be traveling through Elmira and George was “accidentally” born in Elmia. Betcha didn’t know that! Ok this stamp is suppose to be a mustard bottle, my skills suck but I tried. Janet suggested I plant this at the old train station, which I recently learned is now in the ghetto, not sure where I am going to plant this but I will let you know. I am also open to any suggestions.

   August 28, 2010: couldn’t sleep again so I carved 2 more stamps. 1 will be Elmira Treasures #4, which I want to plant near the Chemung River flood wall and I think the other will be a hitchiker, that I might leave in Iceland.   607 for Elmira, NY

 September 2, 2010: Rosedale, MD. Union Jack letterbox. It was a quick find kind of near Amanda’s house. After that I wanted to do another. Found a cute little park near this box. Belmar Park outside of Baltimore. This box was called Hole Ahoy and I found a hitchhiker in the box, The Fish.     

 September 3, 2010: Troy, PA. The fairgounds I found the Wolf Pack letterbox. It was planted by a group of cub scouts. 

 September 4, 2010: I planted the Elmira Treaurses#4 box. To find this box: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=154674 I made this box in honor of the 1972 flood. Had a      little time so Janet, Jade, and I headed to Woodlawn cemetery to find some letterboxes. 16 boxes were recently placed around Woodlawn. We found the first 10 boxes and ran out of time and got a little mixed up on clue #11.
September 10, 2010: I planted a letterbox in Iceland. Janet carved me a stamp to represent Elmira. For the clues check out: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=155063   
September 13, 2010:  Akureyr, Iceland. We found this box at Kjarnaskogar forest. A hand carved Troll, what a great stamp. I also think I might of got Amanda hooked 🙂 Later we arrived in Borgarnes. Town was quiet so why not look for another letterbox. We found Washingtonians in Iceland.
September 14, 2010: Þingvellir, Iceland. We went to the Pingvellir National Park, and found this letterbox after much searching. This box contained the authors of the World: Halldór Laxness. I also planted my 607 hitchhiker box here! http://www.atlasquest.com/showinfo.html?gBoxId=155574
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! September 19, 2010: Was bored and went to look for some quick boxes. Went to Draxler park in Pine City and then to Chapel Park in Pine City.  Van Gogh letterbox. Then I found School House Rock #3  My Hero,Zero,   Great stamp Janet! Now to Chapel Park where I found a box Janet planted for Jade’s first day of school  Then onto finding School House Rock #1,  Interplant Janet.   Janet you are a master stamp carver now!
  September 20, 2010:  Harris Hill. Another letterbox created by Janet. I was FTT (first to find) School House Rock #4 Tyrannosaurus Debt. I also stopped at Winser Park in Elmira to plant the French’s mustard stamp for Elmira treasures #3 letterbox: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=156051
September 21, 2010: Newfield, NY. Woodlawn Cemetery     Chicken Dance. Then onto Sebring Cemetery also in Newfield.    That was my 69th letterbox that I found 🙂
    September 23, 2010: I have been working on a letterboxing series. I decided to go with a travel theme. I carved 6 stamps like country flags. The problem is some flags are very detailed and I suck at carving, so I went with 6 of the simplest flags of the places I have been. I am trying to get some more skills to finish carving the flags of places I have been. I entitled this series Life’s too short! http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=156278 I planted this series at St. Peter & Paul cemetery. I have a few issues with this cemetery so I thought it would be a great way to get over them. (long story)
September 26, 2010: I carved another stamp for my Life’s too short! series. Canada:
October 1, 2010: I was the first to find (FTT) Janet’s School House Rock #2, Conjuntion Junction at Eldridge park.
October 4, 2010: I carved a tiny stamp  for a hitchhiker. Lucky duck: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=157252 which I planted today. Next I carved a star wars stamp, more about that later.
October 1, 2010: Haunting Scotchtown, Erin, New York.  Baby Ghost, then onto Skull and Crossbones  and then finally Mr. Boo.
October 3, 2010: I carved another stamp. I found The Clone Wars notebooks at Target (did I mention that I Target) So I tried to carved Yoda, it didn’t work out so well. I went with  the Galactic Senate’s Coat of Arms.   Oh did I also mention I have no clue about Star Wars or anything to do with it, so I am not sure why I made this box. I was going to plant on my way to Baltimore but it made it back to Elmira.
October 15, 2010: I carved a hitchhiker to plant in Baltimore   Feel your Boobie: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=158179 I planted in Cockeysville, MD on Sunday. I also made up 2 boxes with books: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and The Tell-Tale Heart for Amanda and I to plant this weekend in Baltimore.
October 16, 2010: Amanda carved a crow for the Edgar Allen Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart box. She did amazing for her first stamp. I do believe she is now hooked! Check out her skills:  We left her house at about midnight on Saturday to go to the gravesite. Well it was closed. Dan volunteered to jump it to plant it but we wouldn’t let him. So we decided to find a box that was planted in Inner Harbor. Ghost & O.W.L challenge box  This was a little sweet magnetic box under some stairs. We found a Geocache travel bug  in the tiny box. I had never heard about them so I had to google. Now it is in NY, looking for a fun place to put it.
October 17, 2010: Eric, Amanda, and I went back to the Poe gravesite, closed again 😦 We had some lunch, Cheesecake Factory and back to Amanda’s. Eric and I left around 4pm, Oh how I hate being in the car. I printed out some directions for letterboxes and Cockeysville was on the way home, about 20 minutes from Amanda’s. I convinced Eric to stop and we look. A little confused at first but we found it: Life’s little adventure    
October 22, 2010: Go Jackals!!! Janet and I found a letterbox at the Frist Arena when we went to the hockey game. The stamp was on a hockey puck.
October 24, 2010: Planted Galactic Senate’s Coat of Arms at Harris Hill: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=159032
Home and carved 2 stamps. Trick or Treat http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=159758 that I planted at the Pine Forest Cemetary on Jerusalem Hill and Candy Corn, http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=160592 which is a hitchhiker. Which I planted at Janet’s first box of Lonely Tree & Falling Leaves.
October 29, 2010: Lonley Tree & Falling leaves , which Janet planted in Draxler Park in Pine City, NY. I went in the morning and met feet were soaked by the second box, so I thought I would find the rest some other time.  
November 12, 2010: Eric and I have been married for 6 months! I surpirsed him with a night at Vernon Downs.  I decided to carve a stamp and plant a letterbox while we were there. We decided that the it was not “safe” to plant it at the hotel or casino. We found a cemetery near. To find the box: http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=160693
November 13, 2010: Slow Poke Thruway I90W 256 MM Verona, NY. I instisted on finding 1 before we went home. He was too cute!
November 18, 2010: I carved Yoda, he turned out so-s0:  Yoda in the Woods, I planted this on Friday : http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=161081
November19, 2010: Happy Birthday Dad! I needed to get out,so I went for a ride looking for L.O.S.T. Snapshots around Harris Hill. This was a 4 part series. Autumn  then Winter  with this I found a bonus box. The clouds  Onto Spring  then finally Summer
November 20, 2010: Decided to finally carve the Chelsea Handler stamp to plant in Baltimore. This looks ghetto but oh well.  Then I decided to start a Family Guy series. Brain  it actually turned out pretty well. Thought I would quit while I was ahead.
November 21, 2010: In a funk so I started carving.  I made this stamp for Bam. She told me the other day, “I would rather deal with cow shit than people’s shit.” I planted in Forest Lawn Cemetery but never posted clues. I think I wanna move it to somewhere more happy.
I then carved Meg  for my Family guy series. Turkey Trot  to plant on Thursday before the 5K in Sayre. To find this crazy Turkey check out http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=161465
 November 28, 2010: Oh my first really letterboxing injury, I sliced my nail off with the carving tool.  
 December 1 , 2010: I got hooked on Postal rings, I have not done one yet but really looking forward to it. I signed up for 4 but 2 were actually LTC (kind of like trading cards, not really interested) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  http://www.atlasquest.com/showinfo.html?gTrackerId=4969 which starts March 5, 2011. I guess I am ahead of the game for once, but I did not read the book.  BZ’s Monsters: Roz     starts Jan 15, 2011.
I carved one for the LTC (before I know it was an LTC) Every girl’s gotta have… cute shoes   Decided to back out of that postal and will probably plant somewhere around Elmira. I found the 12 pains of Christmas postal ring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yasSkqJBytk I thought I had the Salvation Army so I carved a stamp, well not so much. I ended up having Stale TV Specials.
December 7, 2010: I then found a reading postal: 2011 Reading Room Book Swap. You pick a book, carve a stamp to represent that book and send a paperback copy of the book, stamp, and logbook on a postal ring. Each person has 3 weeks to read the book and send it to the next. I am SUPER excited about this, I can’t wait to see the stamps and suggested reading. 
December 11, 2010: We found Scenic Route  14   Store bought stamp, but cute! Unsure about time so we could not look for the other Watkins boxes today.
December 12, 2010: We found Memorial Day “In Memory” In Waterloo, NY    I was getting soaked and very dirty looking for this stupid box. This box was planted a neat little park near the canal. There were some trails into the woods with water on both sides, crazy ducks would not move an inch as we drove out.  Then we went back Seneca Falls and I thought I found a place to put it and changed my mind. Then I tried to climb up in the snow to the bridge, well I white washed myself.
 We planted It’s a Wonderful Run       http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=162483 For their yearly 5K race which I love!
December 13, 2010: Created a tattoo postal. I am allowing 10 people to join. I want stamps of current tattoos, can’t wait to see what comes. Starts on my B-day http://www.atlasquest.com/showinfo.html?gTrackerId=5011 
December 17, 2010: I found a Spongebob Squarepants postal that starts in Jan. Bubble Bass
Oh my I think i am getting out of control with the postal rings, I should probably wait and see how 1 goes before I sign up for any more.
December 21, 2010: I think I am addicted. I just found a tracker which I will be making the state insect for Hawaii and Nevada and send to Maine.
December 22, 2010: I sent out my 12 pains of Christmas in the mail today, my very first postal!  I also created a Family Guy postal ring, which I am alowing 30 people to join.

December 24, 2010: Christmas Eve! I received my first postal in the mail today. It was Bateries not included from the 12 pains of Christmas. I LOVE IT!


December 29, 2010: Carving stamps yet again.

December 31, 2010: I found Tangled, which Janet planted in Southport. What an awesome plant  This was hanging from a little tree, too much traffic to take a picture of the area.

January 3rd, 2011: The 12 Pains of Christmas: Finding parking spaces:

Jan 12, 2011: 2 postals arrived today from the 12 pains of Christmas: #7 Charities  and #8 I gotta go to the Bathroom!  I finally decided on a stamp for the book swap, thanks to Amanda. The book I chose to swap is Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life 

Jan 21, 2011: My mail box was FULL!!! I got #5 Five months of bills  it was AWESOME! the logbook was in a wallet with cards and a check book. #6 Facing the In-laws  I also got 2 tattoo postals Arkansas Razorbacks  Grandpop  which included a great story about the reason behind the tattoo. My first book in the book Swap arrived: The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein  Janet came over and we shared some postals.  Summer in January: camping.  I love cats: Garfield, Arlene, and Odie

January 24, 2011: 4 Monster’s showed up: Stitch  Party Monster   Domo  and Gossamer (Bugs Bunny) yup no picture and what a great carve!

January 26, 2011: Pineapple House  Very cute the logbook was covered in bubble wrap.

January 28, 2011: Janet shared some postals:  Kids Carve:Sea Trail  and Sleeping Meows  and  Dad’s coming home. Mythical & Legendary Creatures: Minotaur  and Dragon  and Elves  

January 28, 2011: If the Glove Doesnt fit box at the Steele Memorial Library   This boxwas Sweet! It was a carved out book with a bunch of hitchhickers.   I took Glory’s Paw to Atlantic City and planted him at the beach! I made a travelin nurse hitchhicker and left at hitchhiker depot.   While at the library I also found Mark Twain

January 30, 2011: I planted Korn under the boardwalk in the sand http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=165021

Febuary 1, 2011: Monster’s Trex:

Febuary 2, 2011: Tattoo’s Wicked Sugar Skull     and Janet dropped of a few Summer in January:  Kayaking and Fishing.  Sailing. Dog Parks.  Bike rides.

Feb 4, 2011: two more mosters showed up today.  Stsss…. and  Gruffalo

Feb 12, 2011: Ostiningo Park, Binghamton NY  Eagles Nest. I ran a 5K so I carved Cupids 5K Chase http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/?gBoxId=165657 and planted in the park as well.

Feb 17, 2011: VEGAS, baby! Pillars at Caesar’s Palace. What’s planted in Vegas at the Flamingo. Paris at Paris.

May 15, 2011: Fort Lauderdale, FL. Of course I made Eric look for some letterboxes, we found a park with a few located inide and another around the corner from our hotel.  Prickly Pear with a bonus box, cactus flower. Then we found Mr. Birch’s Hammock, which was “dangerous” There was a huge spide chillin in the tree

2 responses to “Letterboxing

  1. galaxe_grl

    Need to find the clown box, so cool. Think we may plant one today (8/13).

  2. Amanda

    Yeah, I’m kinda hooked. I can’t find the rubber though to carve more stamps. I am going to have to go to Micheal’s up there to get it, or so it seems. I am planting that Edgar Allen Poe one Saturday morning. I will write down all the clues as I am doing them so I don’t forget.

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