I always hated to run! With that being said here is a quick review how my “running career” got started. I guess I could blame it on Amanda. She began running and became addicted: she would email and say how good she felt after a run, she was toning up, and it was great to see her excited about something. So I began, yup ran about 10 feet. What the Eff, she suggested a few books:

The Courage to start by John “the penguin” Bingham  This book is great, I would recommend it to new runners.

The Non-runners marathon guide for women by Dawn Dias. I also love this book, laugh out loud funny!

So my problem was I was trying to go to fast for me and could not maintain. No joke I would walk 5 minutes and “run” 1, walk another 5 and “run” for 1 more minute. I would do this over and over about 4 times a week. Then I would increase my run time and decrease my walk time.  Finally I could actually run a mile without stopping, this was huge! For me I found I built my stamina better on the treadmill,  I could keep a steady (slow) pace.  Then I set goals for myself and reward myself when completing.  Move up a few months, Amanda wanted me to do the Baltimore 1/2 marathon. Yeah sure, but in the back of my mind I knew it would be too much so I did not register until it was too late. So I opted for the 5K. Here is a list of my races. The most recent will be posted on top!

November 6, 2011: Red Baron half marathon  It started at CCC, we headed out and did rolling hills for the first 4.5 miles and then a rather large hill just before mile 5. Then continued downhill for about 3 miles, came out on Park Ave, near Caton. Had to run to Corning YMCA, near the Corning glass museum. I almost didn’t run due to all the hills. Sue and I drove the course a few weeks ago to check it out, very intimdeating. I did not want to hurt any more parts before the Vegas half. I talked to a friend and he talked me into it (thanks Jim) All thses hills is going to make Vegas seem much easier. So we started out at 1300, which  was fabulous. The weather was perfect! Turned on my ipod and the first song that came on was Elvis Vegas song, it is meant to be. The first mile for me was killer. Just past mile 2 we headed up towards Spencer Crest Nature Center. Oh man hill after hill. On the first tough hill a song came on (I can’t remember the name or even who sings it) it went something like “what were you fucking thinking” UMMM, exactly was what I thinking. Continued to press on, the weather was so nice and the scenery was awesome. Decided to enjoy the moment. I hit the last BIG hill and walked up half of it, didnt have it in me to keep running at that point. My knees started to hurt and headed down, knowing it was only going to get easier well course wise. I actually passed a few people which put a spring in my step. I hit mile 12 and I wanted to shut it down! I had to keep telling myself only 1.1 mile left, suck it up. Contniued along and could see the end and finally made it 2:41. Eric was late, he was watching the JETS game and was late, sorry no ending pictures. We all made it, about 10 minutes apart. Anjie finished 2:22, Sue 2:32, me 2:41, and Nicole 2:50. We rock! Not sure why but once I stopped I felt so nauseated. Not sure if I wanted to puke or poop. It was the worst feeling ever. Got home continued to feel awful. Took about an hour nap and work up and ordered myself a sheet pizza, yup a whole sheet to the dome.  well I only made it through 7 pieces.  

October 2, 2011: Wineglass Marathon.   I tell everyone that this was possably one of the worst days of my life. It was cold, rainy, and windy. It is miserable to run in the POURING rain. Oh and the shirt I wore I guess was an open invitation for people to talk to me, BAD IDEA! Nicole and I gave up 1/2 way in . For the whole story of my marathon experinence I did write an entire post about it:   https://whereintheworldisjdon.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/26-2-miles-here-i-come/

September 24, 2011: Strides Against Child Hunger 5K. Didn’t sleep well and not feeling the best but made myself get up and go. On the way there I was a little nervous, thinking there was not going to be many people in the race and I would come in last place. Not sure why I care, someone has to be last. I gave up on times this year so I just went out and did what I could do. 31:51, actually pretty good for me!  The race was in the flat part of the heights, THANK GOD! Nice course with quotes along the way on the road, it always helps. “Every day is a good day when you run” and “Kick” stuck out in my mind.

August 21, 2011: Keuka 5K Dash, this is the third year I have done this race.  This course is hilly. Mike said, “I think the hills got bigger this year.” I had a hard time with my breathing and my calves were aching. Slow and Steady, that’s me. Finished in about 34:55

 Sue was there too  and Tina with her work friends, good job Tina, she hasn’t run in about a year after her knee surgery.

June 11, 2011: Big Flats Community Days 5K. Okay no race in May 😦 anthis was a last minute find, thank you Sue Cross!!! Races started at 10am, yeah!!! Quick 3.1 miles through Big Flats, a nice little run. 202 runners!!! My time was 35:39, not too shabby since I have been sucking and not running. I did lock my keys in the car and had to wait for Eric to come get me so I ate my chicken BBQ dinner, Yum!

April 3 , 2011: More + Fitness Women’s half marathon. Central Park, NY.  I finished in 2:40:40. I had been to Central Park a few times but never been in through the entire park. It was laps around the park   2011_More_Half_Map_V2 I started off with Peggy and Bonnie, couldn’t find kelly. There was about 10,000 runners. The first few miles I spent finding a pace and dodging the walkers. My goal was to keep around a  12/min mile pace. I was doing well and hit “Harlem hill” which was not that bad but starting to feel tired. Then the leader passed me around 3.5 miles in. I mean she did start 12 minutes head of me so that’s probably why she lapped me so quickly 😉 Feeling a little frustrated now. Around 5.5 miles an Ozzy song came on my ipod, I started feeling better about running. Then I see Amanda, SUPER excited now. I get to get rid of my favorite sweatshirt without leaving it. She ran with me a little bit. Alright starting my second lap and feeling great now. I was able to look around and enjoy the park on the second lap. Still doing around 12 min/miles. Got to  Harlem hill for the second time and find a runner down, she must of face planted, OUCH! Kelly said she saw Al Roker around here a few minutes before i made it there. Mile 10 I realized that I would not make my 2:30 goal, which I should of never set for my self. Feeling good but wishing I would of went a bit faster at the start.   Ok mile 11, I hit “THE WALL” my legs were burning and I just wanted to be done.  Someone wrote along the path Become your dream throughout the park. I decided to use that for the last 2 miles. My dream was to not walk, finish, and be sleeping in the car in a few hours. Coming around the last mile: people cheering,high 5 stations, Eric and Amanda just at mile 13 marker. That crazy bitch Ethel wanted to finish so she jumped in with me. I finished strong and I was a done Tom Turkey!      

March 28th 2011: Wildfire adveture run at Seneca Creek State Park Gaithersburg, MD. It was a 3.5 mile trail run around the lake. It was about 40 degrees out and over an hour drive from Amanda’s house 😦 The obstacles were ghetto, no volunteers available, no water or food, and was expensive!  There was also no clock so NO clue on a time, oh well live and learn.  

February 12, 2011: Cupid’s 5K Chase Binghamton, NY    32:48, not too bad finally getting back where I was. I do think I had bronchitis though, coughing like it was my job!

January 1, 2011: Cookie/Hat 6K Rn Big Flats, NY.  I think my time was 44:00. the course was CRAZY! We started at Big Flats Legion and ran over the highway and along some roads and then turning into a field, which was wet and somewhat muddy. Under the highway or should I say skating rink, it was all ice. More fields and then onto 352. A friend from work ran too, Sue you rock!

December 11, 2010: It’s a Wonderful Run 5K. Seneca Falls, NY http://www.itsawonderfulrun5k.com/   there were about 900 racers this year! Even Ethel wanted to wear her santa suit. My ipod was being a pain and does not work well with gloves on, I started a little late. My offical time was 36:16. I know I suck, but I finished and did not walk at all. There was a girl from MTV’s show Made, I beat her by 10 minutes. That made me feel better about life! If you watch the first video on the page you will see Ethel and I on the bottom right around 2:18. http://www.fingerlakes1.com/features/iawr5k-2010.php

November 25, 2010: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 5K Turkey Trot in Sayre. http://www.sayreturkeytrot.com/ Oh man it was cold and snowing. 36:+ yeah I know pretty crappy. The sad  thing was it was only that good cause Amanda  carried me along with her motivation and ummm singing. I did run without my ipod for some reason, that sucks! Sorry Amanda but your singing is not constistant.    After the race we found bagles, peanutbutter, and bananas. Yumm, it was so effing tastey!    Oh yeah almost forgot as soon as we got there some man came up to us and took our picture for the paper. Atleast that is what he told us, we probably gave some pyscho our names and let him take our picture. Look for us in the paper tomorrow! Yup we made it in:

   August 28, 2010: Trooper Andrew J. Sperr Mermorial Run for the Park. There was a 10K and 3K. I decided that the 3K would be enough for me. My time 18:46, it was ALOT better than I thouoght it would of been, I was thinking around 22 minutes. Erica walked the 3K, yup and 7 months pregnant- she is crazy!

  08.22.10: Keuka Lake Splash & Dash. Well I have not run since the 13.1 in OC. (I did have surgery, I do love excuses)  It was POURING rain, I was soaked before I started. 34:29 Actually not too bad considering my lack of running and not going to bed until 0200 that night, oh and did I mention being out at the fieldhouse:-)

04.24.10: Ocean City Maryland Half Marathon. I decided this would be a great run since it would help get my arse in shape for the wedding. I actually followed a 12 week training schedule (thanks Mary for the recommendation). Tina, Amanda and I ran the 13.1 miles and Jackie did a 5K. My time 2:31:34, I little disappointed I wanted under 2.5 hours but I finished. Did I mention that Amanda and I are super Kool and decided to stay out till about 0100 drinking at shenanigans, yup we sure did!  My fat thighs rubbed together the entire time too, it sucked! (more pictures to come)

02.13.10: Cupids Chase 5K, Binghamton, NY. WOW, was it cold! 31:21

   12.12.09: “It’s a Wonderful Run” 5K Seneca Falls, NY. This run was in the afternoon and it was getting old. 32:34

 (picture to come )10.10.09: United Way Baltimore 5K. Tina, Jackie, and I ran. My time 36:34

  08.23.09: Keuka Lake Dash & Splash. (yup that was about 10 months later, I know sometimes I suck at life) Tina told me about this run. I did not train, and decided to run. This course can be killer, a bunch of little hills and they get to you.  My time 37:47, yeah I am going to hold my head up on this one, it sucks but I did finish.

 10.11.08 United Way Baltimore 5K. I really did not know what to expect, there were people everywhere and cheered along the entire course, it was awesome! My time 31:16 and yup Baltimore is hilly!   Amand and Meaghan ran the 1/2 marathon.

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  1. Amanda

    And look at you now!!!! You are a running machine, way to stick with it. I’m proud of you and I’m sure Dunphy would be too. ;o)

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